Best tips on how to remove rust from any type of surface


Over time, some metal parts will begin to rust. Continued use, if exposed to moisture or outdoors, will cause them to gradually deteriorate and reduce their life span.

For removing the rust from metal there are homemade solutions such as vinegar, bicarbonate, aluminum foil or coca-cola, which make it possible to remove the rust from the metal very easily.

We show you how to remove rust from iron, metal, soil, fabrics, and other material

1- Lemons

2- White vinegar

In this case, fill the bucket with a solution of water and a good squirt of vinegar, and soak the object you want to remove the rust for at least 8 hours. When this time is up, remove it out of the vinegar and brush it well. We will see how the rust comes off easily.

3- Baking soda

For this, we pour baking soda directly on the object that we want to clean, allowing it to pass overnight to release rust. Then brush under water, rubbing the object well. This method works very well for small objects.

4- Potato

Potatoes’ oxalic acid helps remove rust buildup. Especially for small oxidized metals, such as knives, it is useful. You can use it in two ways. You stick the knife directly into the potato and let it work overnight. Then we scratch the rust, which will come off easily. Cut the potato in two, cover it with baking soda and clean the metal with the rust slices.

5- Coca-cola

The most effective method for removing rust from metal is coca-cola, which contains a lot of phosphoric acid, which is perfect for removing rust. So if you have a pan that is starting to show some rust stains, simply pour in some Coke, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then use foil to clean the pan. The combination of soda and aluminum foil will remove all the rust with just a few quick strokes.