8 best exercises specifically for women to get great results

While men prefer to build muscle mass in their arms, pectorals and abs using weights, women prefer to tone their glutes, legs and abs without lifting weights.

The exercise routine that we describe below is ideal for stimulating and working on the most common points, staying fit and keeping fit.

  1. Lunges (glutes) : this is an excellent exercise for toning the buttocks and thighs. It’s a complicated exercise, for which you will need some balance, but once you get used to it it becomes even more enjoyable.
    lunges buttocks
  2. Abdominal Reverse Crunch : This exercise works the entire abdominal muscle, with a special emphasis on the lower part. Rather than pulling your torso towards your legs, you’ll do the exact opposite. Don’t overuse this great exercise, and try to relax your neck while doing it.
    Abdominal reverse crunch
  3. Side plank : perfect for activating the “oblique” part of our abdominal muscle, hips and buttocks. They also work the arms in this exercise, making it really complete.
    side plank
  4. Bridge (glutes) : a classic exercise that will never go out of style. Squeeze your glutes as you do this, and try to never touch your butt to the floor.
    bridge exercise
  5. Chair step : look for a chair, and use it to step. An excellent workout for muscles and knees.
    step chair
  6. One-Leg Deadlift : An exercise that needs balance and coordination. An excellent toner for the buttocks and abs.
    single leg deadlift
  7. Triceps shots : excellent for toning the triceps, to be performed with small weights.
    tricep shots
  8. Open squat : will strengthen the buttocks and hips. It also works the entire thigh muscle very hard.
    open squats

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