5 best exercises for varicose veins

Many women suffer from varicose veins. This disease is frequently caused by weak vein tissue, and sometimes comes from heredity.

best exercises for varicose veins

Varicose veins are a sign or manifestation of chronic venous insufficiency that, if not treated in time, and often through physical activity and a good diet, can have serious consequences, such as a thrombosis or a leg ulcer. A very simple way to prevent this is with these exercises to eliminate varicose veins.

First signs of varicose veins

  • In this way, vascular meshes appear in the hips and shins, and the big veins acquire a cyanotic tone.
  • The pain is periodically felt in the area of ankle, especially after exercise.
  • At night, the veins swell and the legs become tired.
  • Sitting or standing up for long periods of time becomes difficult.
  • Cramps are frequently seen at night.

How to avoid varicose veins

  • Using clothing with no hardening of the movement (not too tight and no tight elastic bands);
  • Using shoes without high heels to reduce the load on leg veins;
  • Regularize body weight (extra fat deposits increase venous pressure)
  • Practice any kind of physical activity such as running, swimming or cycling.

5 best exercises for varicose veins

exercises for varicose veins

Therefore, you can find some very simple exercises for eliminating varicose veins anywhere you are, just spend a few minutes on them.

1. Split legs. By sitting in a chair, gently spread your legs at shoulder height. Place your feet together and spread them apart. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

2. Feet push ups. While sitting on a chair, heels on the floor, raise the toe, and then lower it and raise the heels. You should repeat the exercise 20 times.

3. Heel-toe. On your feet, stand in your own place and lift your toes without separating your heels from the floor. Do it 20 times. And then, with the opposite movement, lift your heels without detaching your toes. Do the same number of times.

4. Bicycle. Lying on her back on a mat or carpet, the bicycle makes pedaling movements with both legs for 1 minute. At first, try to keep a slow pace, as you repeat, and increase the “speed” of movement.

5. Circles. By standing, keep your weight balanced from one leg, while slightly lifting another leg off the ground to describe small circles around the air, while keeping your toe stretched out. Perform 20 repeats then rest your foot. Switch with other leg.

It is very simple, but effective exercises for varicose veins. Do it regularly and you will see a positive result soon.

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