What happens to your body if you eat fermented foods every day?

benefits of fermented foods

Fermented foods are those transformed according to the controlled growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and yeasts. Among the most prominent, known and consumed yogurt stands out , which is really favorable and we can take it every day.

What are fermented foods?

There are several, such as foods and beverages. In addition to yogurt, we mention kefir, fermented cottage cheese, fermented vegetables, soy derivatives, and vegetable drinks such as kombucha tea.

In general, this type of food usually has a number of benefits are good for the body. So what happens to your body if you eat fermented foods every day?

1- Improve digestion

benefits of fermented foods

Probiotics eliminate toxins and germs, preventing them from building up and damaging the intestines or other organs, according to Betty Kovacs of the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center.

2- Reduce cholesterol

Regular consumption of probiotics significantly reduces levels of bad cholesterol -or LDL- because it modifies the way in which fats are metabolized in the intestine, according to Mary Sanders, of the Human Microbiome Project.

3- Help prevent cancer

By removing toxins and germs, probiotics protect cells in the gut, reducing damage and preventing tumors, said Linda Brady of the University of Minnesota.

5- Improve the immune system

benefits of fermented foods

The colonies of beneficial bacteria in the intestines improve the body’s immune response by stimulating the production of white blood cells, organisms designed to fight germs and infections, explained Honglin Dong, of the University of Reading, in England.

6- Combat allergies

Allergic reactions are due to an imbalance in the immune system. In view of this, an adequate amount of probiotics in the intestine is capable of regulating its functioning and reducing this type of episodes, said Elizabet Furrie, from Ninewells Hospital, in England.

7- Improve brain function

There are more advantages of fermented foods. In certain studies it has been reported that with alteration of its bacterial flora, behavior is modified, and a good quality of the intestinal flora is related to emotional behavior of people. Therefore you can eat fermented foods on a daily routine.

8- Group B vitamins

According to Lékué, these foods develop vitamin B production, which is involved in carbohydrate metabolism and energy production, and vitamin K2, which is essential for bone and cardiovascular health.

Yogurt and certain dairy products

What happens to your body if you eat fermented foods every day?

According to Danone, yogurt is a fermented food that is usually taken on a daily routine, because of the above-mentioned virtues.

Therefore, Danone claims that it provides several benefits because it contains proteins, which are key to the development and maintenance of muscles. Unlike carbohydrates and lipids, proteins are not transformed into fat. Instead, they are utilized and then eliminated from our body.

In addition, yogurt is a source of calcium which, together with vitamin D, are the main contributors to the maintenance of bones in normal conditions and also benefit in the normal development and growth of bones in children. Hence, it is a super favorable food for the whole family.