Bay leaves, “worth gold” if used like this at home: you can do anything with it | Few know it!

Aromatic plants are not only decorative, but can also provide unexpected benefits. Some are edible, some are good for health, and some solve common problems. One of the most important aromatic plants to have in your kitchen is laurel. The leaves of this plant are used to flavor dishes, but they can also be used for many other purposes, which we will see together below.

Bay leaves are worth gold if used like this at home: you can do anything with it!

Bay leaves are worth gold if used like this at home

Experts explain that bay contains vitamin C, which is important for the immune system, and vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant. In addition, laurel provides B vitamins and minerals. It is no wonder that this aromatic herb is used in traditional medicine as a remedy for various health problems. It is known that the leaves and berries are a natural solution to stimulate diuresis, but also the appetite. They are excellent for reducing intestinal gas and have properties that protect the liver.

Eliminates fry and fish odors

However, this plant can also help eliminate the smell of frying and fish when we cook. Not everyone knows that among grandmother’s remedies to eliminate bad smells there is also laurel. In fact, this aromatic herb helps to eliminate the most persistent odors, such as those of frying or fish. To take advantage of the properties of laurel, simply collect a few leaves and boil them in a pot of water for about ten minutes. The kitchen will smell fresh and pleasant again. The leaves give off an aroma that neutralizes bad odors.

Eliminate unpleasant refrigerator odors

Bay leaves are worth gold if used like this at home

The refrigerator can sometimes develop unpleasant odors. If this happens, simply place a few bay leaves on shelves, drawers, and refrigerator compartments for a few days. The leaves will release their scent and eliminate the bad odor. It is possible to enhance its effect with a little sodium bicarbonate, put it in a bowl and add the bay leaf.

Perfumes the rooms of your home

This ingredient is also useful for perfuming the rooms of your home. You can prepare a very simple infusion: boil four bay leaves in one or two cups of water. Take the steaming preparation to the rooms that you want to perfume and leave it for a few minutes, you can repeat as many times as you deem necessary. It is also possible to place some bay leaves on a warm surface, such as the windowsill of a radiator, to eliminate bad odors.

Eliminates odor from drawers and furniture

Bay leaves are worth gold if used like this at home

Musty odors tend to accumulate in closets and drawers, so to eliminate them, place the bay leaves in breathable mesh bags and leave them in the rooms you want to perfume. You can replace the bags on an ongoing basis to maintain the pleasant smell in your drawers, closets or enclosed spaces.

They keep insects away

Finally, laurel has another very useful advantage: it repels insects. The laurel leaf is a source of lauric acid, a substance hated by insects.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to place bay leaves on the windowsill to keep insects from entering the house. Putting dried bay leaves in the pantry is also a very useful trick: they keep moths away.

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