AMRAP workout you can do at home


AMRAP workout

You have probably heard about AMRAP workout on many occasions, especially if you are a sportive person and even more if you have encouraged yourself to try Crossfit.

This word comes from the acronym “As Many Reps As Possible”, meaning as many repetitions as possible. A lot of people are setting the time to 20 minutes without stopping. However, it depends on your fitness level and your goals.

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What is AMRAP?

AMRAP workout

AMRAP is a workout method which fits into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It is important to choose, before starting, some specific exercises (look for the ones that focus on the part of the body that you want to train more that day) which you will be repeating during during the whole physical activity during the day.

Recommended for people who have good stamina and want to perform their workout in a short time. It has many benefits:

High fat loss. Like any high intensity exercise, AMRAP is recommended to attack body fat. Why? Simply because it makes the body work harder and, to be able to cope with it, your muscles will have to resort to energy provided by fat.

Enhances cardiovascular and muscle strength. Plus, it works at the same time. Most exercises are done separately. The AMRAP method makes it possible to combine exercises that help improve the strength of both.

Short time for good results. Many people lives are stressed and there is not always enough time for training. If you are one of those athletes who cannot dedicate an hour a day to training, this method can be very useful.

Fast progress. Keep in mind this AMRAP workout are hard and require a lot of effort. That will make you realize the progress, if you train daily or almost. To see if you can do more, slowly add one more round to your workout than in the previous days. If you succeed, you are improving your skills. Feeling how you are improving helps you increase your self esteem and motivation.

Mental resistance. Such exercises are done with pressure. It is strong and hard and will push your body to limit. If you succeed, thanks to your mind that will tell you to not give up, you will benefit from your emotional strength.

How to do an AMRAP workout routine at home?

Well, you now know the benefits of this high-intensity training activity, so we give you an example of how it can be done this exercise routine like this. This one will last about 10 minutes. When you have more time, you can repeat it twice or three times, or even more.

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You can do this as many times as you want for your workout.

AMRAP workout

Tips to make your AMRAP workout effective.

For each exercise, it is recommended to look a clock to see how much time you are taking so you can see over time if the progress you are seeking is being made.

This workout should be a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 40 minutes recommended, although you should listen your body and keep in mind their strength and endurance.

The experts warn that it is counterproductive that in the first round the athlete can do it very fast and full of energy and that in the second round he can go very slowly or even stop between exercises. You have to see your own capacity and train accordingly. Keeping a continuity in the rhythm that you are carrying out is essential.

There is no break between exercises, so we recommend an average of 20 minutes. When you want to stop to breathe, you should take about 10 seconds between sets.

You can use gym equipment or simply take advantage of the body weight.

If you want to see progress, you must increase the number of repetitions in each exercise every day and, over time, increase the number of times you repeat each circuit.

Is AMRAP good for Crossfit workout?

In fact, the AMRAP method offers one option among those offered by the Crossfit. Though not the only one. Generally each professional will carry out their crossfit workout in the style preferred by them. There is also Tabata, EMOM…

Remember that the Crossfit is based precisely on high intensity workout and constant repetition of these exercises so you will burn a lot of fat in a short time.

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