African boy surprises everyone with amazing blue eyes and lightning bolt birthmark

It is very easy to be critical or not to accept what is different from us, to see someone with features that are not what we believe to be “normal” is often a reason for discrimination. Judging people by their appearance should not be something we have to get used to, on the contrary, there must be a radical change in this regard.

If history has taught us anything, it is that segregation and discrimination against different ethnic, religious or sexual preference groups have been enough to cause problems, revolts and even wars.

However, it is necessary to remember that it is not always bad to be different, sometimes, it is to be extremely special without realizing it.

Like the story of a little boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo, everyone was amazed after seeing on social media and seeing what made him different from other children his age and ethnicity.

With his brown skin and striking blue eyes, he attracted the attention of many people, but he also amazed with his birthmark in the middle of his face to his hair, shaped like a lightning bolt and yellowish white, the child has a very beautiful genetic anomaly.

Raoul Tsasa, the user who uploaded the videos on Tiktok, is apparently the boy’s older brother.

The first video he posted of the little boy already has almost 5,000,000 views, 429,200 likes and 16,100 comments, where people have been dedicated to praise the interesting and common features of the infant.

“It’s as if the light wants to escape from inside what a beautiful being of light,” read comments. Other users have suggested that the child may have Waardenburg syndrome, a genetic condition that causes people to have these changes in the pigmentation of their skin, eyes or hair, but also suffer from deafness.

Whether it is because of the medical condition or not, this little boy has won the hearts of millions with his innocent face, plus he is giving visibility to something that is probably frowned upon in several communities in Africa.