According to the shape of her legs, you can learn a lot about a woman’s temperament.

According to the shape of her legs, you can learn a lot about a woman's temperament.

Is it possible to tell a person’s temperament from their appearance? Many people will find this surprising, but yes – you can. In this publication we will talk about how to determine the shape of the legs of a beautiful representative of humanity, what her temperament. This article will be interesting for both men and women. Men will learn more about women, and women will get a better understanding of themselves.

A woman who wants to understand the shape of her legs should stand in front of a mirror and put her legs together. After that, it’s not hard to see where the gaps between her legs appear (see picture below).

According to the shape of her legs, you can learn a lot about a woman's temperament.

Type A

Women with Type A legs have very little space between their calves and thighs. Free space appears near their ankles. Those who have exactly this type of legs are charming women, adored by men. They are reserved, feminine, soft, shy, dependent on men. These women are not proactive by nature. Many men like women who look weak, because next to them they feel like real defenders. However, if a woman is passive all the time, she may bore her partner.

Type B

Women who have the smallest gap at the ankles just wave at the opposite sex. They are characterized by courage and willingness to experiment. Boredom is unbearable for them. These ladies can do unpredictable things, behave in a provocative way. Partners who do not like to experiment, even in bed, quickly lose interest in them.

Type C

Women whose thighs touch and whose shins are not pressed together believe that sex is only a necessity related to childbirth, that it is not their nature to enjoy sex. In their opinion, only men should have sexual needs and women should satisfy them. However, when such women are “fired up,” they become real predators in bed.

Type D

Women whose feet touch at the knees and ankles do not like to compete with men, but are willing to follow.

These women do not take the initiative in the bedroom, but will always support their partner’s efforts. It is known that many men are looking for women who will support them everywhere and always.


Personally, I have reasonable doubts about this way of determining the temperament of women. I am convinced that you can get to know a man well only after interacting with him in various life situations. And what do you think, dear friends?

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