9 Effective exercises to make cellulite less visible in just 2 weeks

cellulite exercises

Cellulite is that unwanted guest that no woman wants to discover on her body, and it is not necessary to be obese to have it, it can reach even the thinnest girl. But it is not impossible to get rid of it, there are incredible exercises that will attack it and eliminate it from the root. Of course you have to accompany them with a healthy diet and plenty of water.

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So get to work and make cellulite less visible.

1- Upward kick

You don’t need to put extra weight on your ankles, start without it and progress little by little. Your gluts must contract, do the exercise without exaggerating the speed. Perform 10 repetitions each side.

2- Side kick

This will work the side muscles of your buttocks, which will make the fat that creates cellulite go away for good. Perform 12 repetitions each side.

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3- Half circles

Remember to keep your back straight and do it on a mat so you don’t hurt your arms. Do 12 repetitions.

4- Bridges

Use what you have on hand at home to exercise, the wall is ideal for this and do this exercise for 20 repeats.

5- Squats in bed

We recommend that you do them in bed so you don’t hurt your knees. Or use knee pads so you can do them on the floor, and perform this exercise for 10 repeats.

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6- Jumping Squats

Remember not to lose the position of the knees to avoid injury. You will do 20 repetitions.

7- Deep squats

Deep squats will tone your legs completely and your buttocks, so when your muscles grow they will burn that fat that gives you the appearance of orange peel skin. You can do 10 repetitions.

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8- Side Squats

Two squats in one, an exercise that will leave you wiped out but burn more fat than any other. Do 15 repetitions each.

9- Lunges

Placing the leg on a surface adds resistance to the exercise, but you can do it at floor level as well. Continue alternating sides for 10 rep.

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