9 best foods to help improve digestion

9 best foods to help improve digestion

For our digestion to work like a clock, we need to be careful about what we eat and how we eat it. Since childhood we have been taught to chew our food carefully, to avoid eating while walking, eating at the kitchen table and not in the living room in front of the TV. But these are not all the rules that we need to follow in order for our stomachs to function well.

Nowadays, scientists are increasingly interested in the field of nutrition, studying it more thoroughly and sharing the results of their research with us. For example, it has been proven many times that you should drink water half an hour before meals and at least 40 minutes after.

Scientists have also identified foods that promote good intestinal function more than others. I wonder which ones? Well, here is the list!

Best foods for digestion


Lentils contain enough iron and protein, valuable vitamins, including B1, which is indicated for the treatment of digestive diseases. Most importantly, this product is rich in complex carbohydrates that are well digested and satiating.


Some people adore this product, others do not understand how it can be eaten at all, but in any case, it is incredibly useful. Avocados contain dietary fiber, which has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis, improve metabolism, help lose weight, improve intestinal microflora and prevent constipation.


This food helps to become strong not only physically, but also mentally, as it contains manganese, which is necessary for proper brain function and strong nerves. Well, for the digestion, it is a real godsend. Spinach contains easily digestible protein. As well as minerals that help flush toxins out of the body.


The high fiber content of almonds helps to normalize the digestive system. The components of almonds promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, so it is important to consume them for those who take antibiotics. For almonds to be more quickly absorbed by the body, it is advised to eat them with honey.


Since persimmons are rich in pectin, they are incredibly useful for digestion. It is also loved for the fact that it has antibacterial properties. Thanks to persimmons, you can quickly satisfy your hunger without fear of consequences for the figure, since this fruit is low-calorie.


If the intestines do not work well, you can start it up with the help of flaxseed. Some add it to dishes, while others boil it, with the seeds releasing mucus. This mucus coats the stomach and intestines, helping the digestive process go more easily. Flax reduces the ability of the intestines to absorb toxins and has a calming effect.

Green Tea

Why is green tea advised to be drunk after meals? It’s all about the fact that it contains catechin, which accelerates the digestion and absorption of food.


The beneficial bacteria in yogurt improves digestion, and the milk protein is quickly digested. So replace your evening snack with a sandwich by eating yogurt without additives.
yogurt photo


Prunes have a positive effect on the digestive tract, and all because it contains 3.8 g of fiber per half a glass of dried fruit. Therefore, as a snack between meals, you can eat it.
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Just remember that everything must be in moderation. At one meal, you can eat only one dish from the list. You’ll see: there will be no problems with digestion.

This information is useful for everyone, so it’s worth sharing with the rest of us!