83-year old granny talks about her dramatic love relationship with 39 year younger man

For old granny Edna Martin and her husband Simon, love at first sight was a turning point in their lives. And even though it’s been 16 years since they first met, and their age difference is almost 40 years, their love is stronger than ever.

Simon and his wife assure that the flame of love between them remains alive, just like the first day they met. Simon was a well-known organist in his circle, despite his Asperger’s syndrome condition. And Edna was a retired engineer, who later worked as a secretary at a local club, where different kinds of concerts took place.

old granny

Edna, 83, and Simon, 44, were married in 2005.

It was where they first met, “and it was love at first sight,” says Simon, who had never had a girlfriend before.

“We often stop in the street and kiss. I kiss Simon’s neck and pinch Simon’s butt in the supermarket and he caresses the back of my bra when we are standing in line to pay. We just do what two people in love do,” the woman confesses.

old granny

“We are as hot in bed as any loving couple,” remarks Edna, who is a grandmother of 4 grandchildren.

And they are definitely not ashamed to have others witness their public displays of love, as they are totally sincere, according to both of them.

old granny

When they married Edna was 70 years old and Simon was 32, but despite the age difference their family always supported their relationship.

old granny

Ten years later, they renewed their vows and both confess that they are complementary and emotionally interdependent, due to their health condition. Simon has dyslexia and dyspraxia syndrome, while Edna has mobility problems.

old granny

Speaking of the success of their relationship, Simon acknowledges that they can’t be without each other. “If one of us is away somewhere, the other is always thinking about where he’ll be and if he’ll be okay.”

old granny

“We go to sleep holding hands and wake up holding hands. We can’t believe how lucky we are. I can’t function without Simon. He’s in my head, he’s in my heart and I adore him,” Edna revealed.

The testimony of this couple definitely breaks all stereotypes, who said that for love and passion age matters? Share this news.