8 Strange sounds that our body makes and that is always taken naturally when the truth is that…

8 Strange sounds that our body makes

Noises in your ears or jaw, maybe in your elbows or knees? Like these noises there may be many more in your body and you don’t realize it or just haven’t taken them into consideration. This is not a game, it is very worrying to have it and not be seen.

Therefore, we have brought some for you to identify and be very careful, so you can specifically go to the right specialty for your monthly medical checkup. Take note!


1- Knee creaks

These are caused by excess load on joints, which generates wear and tear in the knees. In addition, they occur due to excessive activity when making a sudden change from a sedentary to an active life. Finally, they appear because of the ligaments and meniscus that do not affect the volume of movements.

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2- Snoring

Constant snoring occurs after blockage of the nasal passages, curves in the septum, loss of throat muscle tone, obesity, medications and alcohol.

3- Jaw popping

These are generated by a deviated jaw, arthritis of the Temporomandibular joint, a strong tension of facial muscles, and believe it or not, unattended cavities.

4- Different sounds in ears

We cannot deny that some of us have felt strange buzzing sounds in our ears, so we have never been alert or thought that it is something serious. However, we must always keep in mind that we must call the doctor when these sounds do not stop because it may indicate infection or disease in the inner ear.

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5- Loud snap when waking up or going to sleep

These noises have a sudden onset, usually of short duration and often irritate the person. Their causes and mechanism are unknown.

6- Shoulder popping

Everyone thinks these pops are harmless but they can cause more serious problems such as tendonitis, bursitis, shoulder rotator cuff tears.

7- Snapping in elbow

In these cases they may be caused by malnutrition, lack of physical activity, excessive physical activity, various infections, metabolic disorder or injuries whether serious or minor.

8- Clicking in throat

These are capable of transforming into one of the most serious disorders that affect the control of muscle tissues such as Parkinson’s disease. Immersed in this can generate the growth of thyroid cartilage which can only be cured with surgeries.

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