8 Effective Exercises That Will Build Up Your Glutes, Improve Your Posture And Burn Fat!

All women want to tone and tighten their butts, but finding the right workout program is sometimes very difficult. Many exercises are designed to work with weights, simulators, additional equipment and gigantic loads. Of course, personal experience is not enough here to independently put together a home workout.

In addition, there are many people who lead a sedentary lifestyle who have problems with their gluteal muscles, as they can become sore and atrophied. These muscles play an important role in optimizing leg strength, supporting the spine and stabilizing the pelvis.

Use these simple exercises to significantly improve your posture and strengthen your body: strengthening the muscles of glutes is beneficial for running, high-intensity sports and much more.


Exercise 1

Sit on your knees, legs together, buttocks resting on your heels. Then kneel down and tense the muscles of the buttocks. Slowly lower yourself to the starting position.

Number of repetitions: 15.

Exercise 2

Make the previous exercise more difficult. Raise yourself from the knees and bring one of the knees forward. Return to the starting position.

Number of repetitions: 8 for each leg.

Exercise 3

Lie on the floor (mat) and stand on the palms and feet. The palms should be level with the shoulders and the feet should be above the level of the knees. The fingers should point away from the feet. As you exhale, tense the buttocks and lift the pelvis, leaning on your heels and hands. The line of the body and buttocks should be straight. Then lower the pelvis, but do not sit on the floor. Repeat this motion one more time.

Number of repetitions: 12.

Exercise 4


We complicate the previous workout. Simultaneously with the pushing of pelvis, alternately lift straight arms upwards.

Number of repetitions: 8 for each side.

Exercise 5

Stand up straight and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Step back diagonally with the right foot, bend the right knee and do a deep lunge. Return to the starting position.

Number of repetitions: 10 for each side.

Exercise 6

Lie on your back. The lower back is pressed to the floor, the legs are bent at the knees. As you exhale, grasp your knee with both hands and pull it toward your chest. At the same time, push your pelvis up as if you were doing a glute bridge. Return to starting position.

Number of repetitions: 10 for each side.

Exercise 7

Stand on your right leg with your knee slightly bent. Lift your left leg backward off the floor. Lean forward as low as you can while keeping your back straight. Do not place your foot on the floor. Tighten your buttocks to keep your foot on the weight and not lose your balance.

Number of repetitions: 8 for each leg.

Exercise 8

Stand on your left knee with your hands in front of you. Stretch your right leg through and lift your left leg off the floor. Make a jump at the same time.

Number of repetitions: 10 for each leg.

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Share these  exercises with your friends and family to show off perfect buttocks!