7 simple asanas can improve your digestive health and melt your belly fat quickly!

7 simple asanas can improve your digestive health and melt your belly fat quickly

Healthy digestive system not only helps to eliminate toxins but also keep your stomach light and detoxed. Indigestion, constipation, irregular bowel movement and other digestive disorders can take a toll on the overall health of the body and may have a negative impact your other organs as well.

Poor digestion is linked to low energy levels, being uncomfortable all the time, disrupted bowel movements, stress, poor gut and liver health, and can even lead to weight gain. We will tell you about a workout that will not only benefit your digestive system, but will also help tone your abdominal muscles and reduce fat accumulation in the waist area.

Check out these simple yoga exercises to help improve digestion and melt belly fat!

1. Knees to chest

This asana is called apanasana. With your knees tight against your stomach, it massages your internal organs – the ascending and descending colon. Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees. Extend your arms and then wrap them around your knees. Exhale and pull them up to your stomach. A minute will be enough.

2. Twist

This asana tightens the rectum. Sit on the floor. Bend your right knee, straighten your left leg. Turn to the right side, fix your knee with your left hand. After 30 seconds, repeat to another side.

3. warrior pose

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Lift your arms straight up. Slowly squat down as if you wanted to sit on a chair. Hold for a minute at the lowest point. Then slowly rise upward.

4. Lunge

Lunge forward, straightening the opposite leg. Put your hands behind your back and lock them. Lean your back slightly backwards. Stay in this pose for a short time, then repeat the pose again for the other leg. On each inhalation make sure that the belly is inflated. It will ensure that your lungs are fully filled and that your diaphragm is exposed to the upper part of your stomach.

5. Bridge

Lie on your back, put your arms along your body and rest your feet on the floor. Slowly lift your pelvis, leaving your shoulder blades on the floor if it’s difficult. Stay in this position for a minute.

6. Legs up

If your feet are higher than your head, it helps to combat fluid retention in the body and also improves digestion. This improves intestinal motility, which in the long run will lead to better absorption of nutrients coming to us with food. Lie on the floor and raise your straight legs up with your waist pressed to the floor and your arms extended along your body, palms down. Hold this position for one minute.

7. Downward facing hero pose

Sit on the mat with your pelvis on your heels and your knees slightly apart. Bend forward with your chest on your knees. Extend your arms forward as much as possible, point your pelvis toward your heels, lower your forehead to the floor, hold this position for one minute..

Exercise on an empty stomach or a couple of hours after a meal. Be sure to watch your diet, drink enough water, don’t be nervous over nothing!

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