7 exercises to tone your legs at home with no equipment required

7 exercises to tone your legs at home

To have shapely and strong legs, it is necessary to incorporate into your workout plan a training plan that focuses on working your muscles.

However, if you do everything correctly, in a month you will be pleasantly surprised with the result: your legs will be in shape and your buttocks will be firm and gluteus.

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7 exercises to tone your legs at home

1. It is also possible to warm up thigh and buttock muscles

  1. stand by a chair, lean on the back with one hand, place your legs on the width of your shoulders and your feet parallel to each other;
  2. raise the heels above the floor (by 3 cm), pull in the stomach, strain the buttock muscles, bend the knees (by 5 cm), slightly lower and move the pelvis forward;
  3. relax, then clench the buttock muscles again and repeat all 4 times;
  4. bend your knees (by 3 cm), tense the buttock muscles again, lower the pelvis 4 times;
  5. bend your knees even more (by 3 cm), clench and release the pelvis 3 times;
  6. on the count 4 delay and count to 10;
  7. return to the position where the knees are minimally bent and the thighs are clamped and directed forward.
  8. Repeat all the steps 6 times, with time you can increase the load up to 12 times.

2. Bulgarian Lunges

This exercise involves several muscles of the lower body, such as quadriceps, glutes, abductor, hamstrings and calves (calves).

It is very easy to do, with arms extended down, we will support the rear leg on a platform at the height of the knee of the other foot (it can be a bench, a chair or the edge of your bed) while we go down bending the front leg. You can hold dumbbells or weights to improve the exercise. Do 10 reps for each leg and 2 sets.

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3. This exercise perfectly complements

  1. you need to stand up, straighten your back and spread your legs as wide as possible with your feet turned around;
  2. tighten the press and buttocks, stretch your arms forward and hold on to the support if necessary;
  3. do not hurry to bend your knees until you feel tension in the hips area and your hips
  4. should not be below your knees;
  5. do not hurry to straighten your legs, then sit down again;
  6. repeat 10 times, with time the number of repetitions can be increased to 20.

After a few days of training, the exercise can be complicated and during a deep squat you can make 10 movements up and down on your knees, then do not hurry back to the starting position.

4. This training allows you to design the inner thighs. It is necessary

  1. lying on the right side, bend your hand in your elbow and put your head on your hand;
  2. left leg bend so that the foot is on the floor;
  3. strain the buttocks;
  4. stretch out the toe of your right foot and raise your foot a little above the floor;
  5. after ten seconds, put your foot down without touching the floor and lift it up again;
  6. repeat it 10 to 50 times, then roll over to the other side and do the same.

Later, you can complicate the exercise and when the leg is raised above the floor, perform 10 pulsating rockings of the leg. Do not forget about buttocks, they must always be tense.

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5. To develop the muscles of inner thighs should

  1. lying on the right side, bend the left leg and put it on the right leg;
  2. bend your left arm, put it in front of you;
  3. place the head on the right palm;
  4. squeeze the buttocks to the max;
  5. lift the straight left leg up by 5 cm above the floor, then lower it, but not touch the right leg;
  6. repeat the same action, lying on the opposite side.

At the end of the exercise it is useful to do a stretching – lie on the back, ankle of the left leg on the right knee, while holding the right leg on the weight. Then cover the right leg with your hands and lift it to the chest as much as possible, counting up to 20.

6. Training is focused on lifting the hip muscles

  1. kneeling down and leaning against the floor with your hands;
  2. point the right leg to the side and keep at a right angle to the body;
  3. exhale with your mouth, then breathing in with your nose and breathing out with your mouth as much as possible, you need to retract the stomach and hold your breath to lift
  4. the extended leg at hip level, breathing in with your nose count to 10;
  5. exhale, relax the muscles and return to the original position.

Repeat 10 times on each side. During training, it is important not to bend the raised leg in the knee and keep your hands straight. To make it easier to hold the balance, you can bend back a little. It is also important to breathe deeply, which will not only strengthen your muscles, but also get rid of excess fat deposits.

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