7 exercises to increase the volume of your buttocks and legs

Believe it or not, the easiest muscle to tone is the buttocks, but you have to do it properly.

7 exercises to increase the volume of your buttocks and legs

To increase the volume of your buttocks and legs, adding weight and resistance to your exercises is the best way to achieve it.

Squats are thought to be the best exercise to increase the volume of buttocks, but the reality the glutes are divided into three muscles so not all exercises are suitable for each part of the buttocks.

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This 7 exercise program can be done a maximum of 3 days per week, remember to rest the muscle, to allow it to grow. Straining the muscle will not make it bigger.

Start with the loosest resistance bands and then change to denser ones gradually over the weeks, also with the weights, start with the lightest ones, that you feel you are straining but that allow you to do all the different sets of exercises without hurting your body.

Check out our list of the seven best exercises to increase the volume of your buttocks.

Squat Lift


Perform 15 repeats, you should remember this is a compound exercise so a lunge and a squat count together as one repetition.

Chair hip bend


During the first week you can do 30 repetitions of this exercise, for the second week you can change the resistance band to a denser one to increase the resistance and also to increase the number of repetitions.

Squat Abduction


Repeat 15 reps, but remember also this is a compound exercise so count as one each time you return to the squat. Use a dumbbell weight and switch for a tighter band in future weeks.

Squat with band


You can do 12 repetitions and lift in 3 sets, which means lower in one set and slowly raise in 3, you can add a weight for more intensity.

Bridge with band


Make 20 repetitions of this exercise, keep in mind to activate the buttocks you have to take your hips out when going up, without making any effort with your arms or back, and make sure the movement concentrates on the buttocks.

Kicks with band


For the kicks to have an impact on the buttocks you have to do them standing, if you do them in four points, you will be working only the thighs, so lean on the wall and put on some dumbbells. Perform 15 reps on each side,

Hip raises with weight


Do 15 reps on each side, you can add some light dumbbells, if it’s too heavy, do it without weight, the next weeks try to add weight.

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