7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

There are two reasons for being overweight in the arm area – weakness of arm muscles or general obesity. In skinny people full arms are very rare, because the body is designed in a way that it first accumulates all excess on the stomach and hips, and only then distributes it to other parts of the body.

Therefore, in order to reduce arm fat, it is necessary to limit yourself in food, which will help to get rid of all excess in general, as well as to perform special exercises that help to strengthen muscles and burn fat, thereby ensuring that the arms will lose weight.

These 7 exercises that take just 30 minutes to lose arm fat will target, tone and strengthen your biceps and triceps as well as increase your overall calorie burn, helping you lose weight faster and more effectively.

1. Gravitron pull-ups

7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

Don’t worry, this is a counterweight machine, so you don’t need to know how to pull yourself up. The exercise is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes.

Set the optimal weight (try starting with half your own), place your knees alternately on the platform and grab the handle with a wide grip. On exhalation without inertia, only with the help of muscles, pull the chest to the crossbar. As you inhale, slowly lower yourself down.

Do 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

2. Crossover Arm Extension

7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

Grasp the handle with a straight grip and lower it slightly below the shoulders, press the elbows on the sides of the body. This position should be fixed, make sure that the elbows do not come off and do not go to the sides. As you exhale, lower the handle down and fully extend your arms with maximum amplitude, while inhaling, slowly return to the starting position.

Do 12 repetitions and repeat the cycle 3 times. You can gradually increase the load. This exercise can be performed with different types of handles.

3. Bent over arms

7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

This exercise works the triceps, latissimus dorsi, and rear delta.

You can perform it both standing up and leaning your hand and knee on the bench. The arm with the dumbbell is bent at the elbow, the body and shoulders are parallel to the floor (it is important that the back remains straight and the shoulders do not round). As you exhale, slowly straighten your arm with a dumbbell, while the elbow should remain pressed to the body. On an inhale, return your arm to its original position.

Extending the arm in an inclination hones the relief and symmetry of the triceps. Do at least 3 cycles of repetitions of 10 times.

4. Seated Dumbbell French Press

7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

Shoulder training is no less important than pumping biceps and triceps.

This exercise primarily targets the triceps brachii, as well as the flexors and extensors of the wrist, and the deltoid.

The starting position is as follows: sit on a bench, put your feet on the floor and straighten your back. The position must be stable. Grab a dumbbell with both hands, raise it above your head with straight arms (palms turned inward). As you inhale, lower the dumbbell behind your head, pressing your elbows tightly to your head. As you exhale, straining your triceps, raise the dumbbell to its original position.

This exercise can also be done while standing.

5. Extension of the arm for triceps behind the head using a fitness band

7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

Depending on the level of your preparation, the exercise is performed sitting on a bench, fitball or standing. Instead of a fitness gum, you can use an expander.

It is important to keep your back straight, do not tilt your elbows to the side and keep your shoulders motionless. Place both hands behind your back so that one is on top and the other is on the bottom. In the hand located at the level of the waist, fix the tape, and try to keep it still. As you inhale, straighten your arm from above at the elbow joint and stretch the elastic band. Movements should be slow and controlled. As you exhale, lower down.

Repeat the movement 10 times, then switch hands. Do 2-3 sets.

6. Incline dumbbell row

7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

Another way to build shoulders.

Take a stable position, place your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees slightly, the body should be tilted forward. Keep your back straight. At the starting point of the amplitude, the dumbbells should be at shoulder level. Pull the dumbbells in an inclination to the stomach, bringing the shoulder blades together. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise. Inhalation is done at the lower point of the amplitude, and exhalation is done while pulling the dumbbells to the lower back.

Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

7. Seated Shoulder Press

7 Effective exercises to remove arm fat in 2 weeks

Sit on the bench of the simulator and grab the handles with a direct grip. The chest and shoulders should be straightened, the back is even, the elbows look to the sides. Raise the arms of the simulator by extending your arms at the elbow joints. Lower the weight and repeat the exercise at least 13 times (3 sets).

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