7 Delicious scrambled eggs recipe

7 Delicious scrambled eggs recipe

Stop eating a simple oatmeal and a boring omelet in the morning. We has collected the best egg dishes that will vary your menu. These are perfect for a family breakfast and are prepared with foods that everyone has in the fridge.

Recipes for scrambled eggs


The dish came to us from Arab cuisine. Eggs are fried in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, hot peppers, onions and spices. Shakshuka is served with bread.


Frittata is an Italian omelette traditionally topped with Parmesan and leeks. You can choose the filling to your taste, as long as it is not watery. First, beaten eggs are poured into the pan, then additives are added. When the bottom layer is baked, cover the frittata with a lid and bring to readiness over low heat or put the pan in the oven.


This is a French dish of raw eggs cooked in a certain way – in hot water without the shell. Eggs must be fresh so you get a soft, creamy yolk that wraps around the white. When cooking, the water should not boil too much. You can serve this dish on crispy toast, with green lettuce, tomatoes.


An unusual recipe for a lazy Sunday morning. The yolks are separated from the proteins and stored in half the shell. Then the proteins are whipped into foam and baked in the oven, after which the yolk and butter are added to them. Orsini is served with cheese and vegetables.


For the preparation of cocote eggs, it is necessary to prepare portioned forms and filling (ham, mushrooms, vegetables). At the bottom of the mold put the filling, then pour the egg on top. After that, the dish is sent to the oven to bake until cooked.

Norwegian omelet

Prepared like a regular omelette, only with the addition of salted fish and fried onions. Scandinavians are crazy about this breakfast!


To prepare this Spanish dish, you need to cut the potatoes into thin slices, fry them with onions. Ready potatoes should be added to a bowl with beaten eggs, tomatoes and peas, mix everything. Then pour the contents into the pan and cook over low heat for 15 minutes.

These egg dishes not only look appetizing, but also delight with their unusual taste. Share your favorite healthy breakfasts with your friend!