7 Day healthy meal plan

7 Day healthy meal plan

Foods in the diet should give each person energy and ensure his physical well-being. That’s why no diet or ruthless restriction fits into a healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to choose foods that will taste good to you and your family.

We has compiled a sample menu of healthy eating for 7 days to make it easy.

Low calorie menu for the week


Breakfast: muesli seasoned with yogurt, apple (sour or sweet and sour) or pear, tea.
Second breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, a handful of dried fruits.
Lunch: vegetable soup, baked potatoes, fresh vegetable salad, chicken breast.
Afternoon snack: kefir.
Dinner: boiled poultry fillet, vinaigrette, tea.



Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, vegetable salad.
Second breakfast: apple, yogurt.
Lunch: soup with cereals in vegetable broth, baked fish with a side dish of brown rice, compote.
Snack: cocoa, cottage cheese.
Dinner: vegetable stew, chicken breast, tea.



Breakfast: oatmeal, baked apple, tea with honey.
Second breakfast: yogurt, toast.
Lunch: fish soup, boiled veal with stewed vegetables, juice.
Snack: yogurt, cottage cheese.
Dinner: meat, brown rice, vegetable salad, tea.



Breakfast: scrambled eggs, vegetable salad, toast, tea.
Second breakfast: banana, kefir.
Lunch: chicken broth soup with vegetables, vinaigrette, grilled fish, compote.
Snack: cottage cheese with sour cream, dried fruits.
Dinner: meat with vegetables, baked in the oven, yogurt.



Breakfast: rice porridge with dried fruits, coffee.
Second breakfast: berry smoothie / any fruit.
Lunch: lean borscht, steamed cutlet and couscous.
Snack: yogurt, fruit salad.
Dinner: boiled veal, vegetable salad.



Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with honey, tea.
Second breakfast: banana, yogurt.
Lunch: buckwheat soup, fish cakes with mixed salad.
Afternoon snack: crispbread with soft cheese and tomatoes.
Dinner: vegetable stew.



Breakfast: oatmeal pancakes, banana, coffee.
Second breakfast: yogurt.
Lunch: boiled chicken, grilled vegetables / baked in the oven.
Snack: cottage cheese with dried fruits.
Dinner: scrambled eggs, vegetable salad, tea.


Certainly, you can change this menu according to your preferences, use your imagination, and prepare other healthy dishes. Save this cheat sheet for yourself so you don’t lose it!