The 7 best yoga poses that help shed fat from abdomen and buttocks

7 best yoga poses that help shed fat from abdomen and buttocks

Yoga discipline is a set of physical and mental exercises that aim to balance the body. For physical exercises are intended to control the mind through certain physical practices and, in turn, to make the body more elastic and loose by concentrating the mind.

The word “yoga” itself means, strictly speaking, “union. However, over time, yoga experts have realized that this discipline also helps to lose weight, as certain poses target precisely the nodes where body fat accumulates the most.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of these poses that, with regular daily exercise, will help you shed fat from the abdomen and buttocks.

1 – Breathing fire

Sitting in a comfortable position on the floor, back and neck straight, shoulders relaxed and legs crossed. Rest your hands on your legs and relax. You can perform the exercise with your eyes closed to better focus on breathing.

Inflate your belly by inspiring (through your nose) and bring your belly in by exhaling. The sequence should be done as fast as possible by exhaling noisily. Pause when you start to get dizzy. Then, inhale bringing your chin toward your chest and hold your breath for 3 seconds bringing your belly in and contracting your perineum. Exhale bringing your head back to the starting position. When you become familiar with this pose, you can repeat the cycle for several times.

2 – Uddiyana bandha

Standing, legs spread hip-width apart. Bend knees and rest hands on thighs, torso bent forward, back straight, neck straight and chin toward chest. Perform breathing cycles for 10 seconds. Inhale. Exhale deeply, emptying the lungs. Holding your breath, bring your belly in as far as you can by pressing your hands against your thighs and then inflate as much as you can. Repeat the movement for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the sequence 5-6 times taking 10-second breaks between each cycle.

3 – Bhujangasana (cobra)

Lie on your stomach, legs closed, feet parallel, palms on the floor, and arms along the body. Rest your forehead on the mat and press your pubes to the floor so that the vertebrae in your spine realign. Belly in.

Bring palms to shoulder height, elbows bent close to body. Inhale. As you exhale, apply pressure with your hands and lift your torso by bringing your chin upward until your arms are outstretched. Keep your pelvis and legs on the ground.

Still exhaling, open your chest toward the ceiling. Inhale. Hold the position and perform 5 deep breaths. Return to starting position and repeat the cobra position 3 times.

4 – Salhabasana (locust)

Lying on the floor on your stomach, bring your arms under your stomach and your hands under your thighs with palms facing the floor. Contract your back, buttocks and calves. Inhale.

Exhaling, lift your feet off the floor, legs outstretched, and hold the position for 3 to 5 breath cycles.

5 – Balsana (child’s pose)

Knees on the floor, sit on your heels. Rest your hands on the floor and your forehead on the mat. Inhale.

Exhaling, bring your arms outstretched in front of you and hold the position for 30 seconds by performing breathing cycles.

6 – Viparita karani (half-upside-down)

Lying on the ground on your back with your legs together, arms along your body, inhale.

Exhaling, bring legs to 90 degrees, raise back supporting it with hands while keeping legs extended. Ankles at eye level. Rest your back on your hands and relax. Hold the position 3 to 5 breaths with slow, deep breaths gradually increasing the time until you reach 5 minutes. Return to the starting position, unwinding the spine vertebra after vertebra and finally resting the legs back on the floor.

7 – The dog

Better known as “upside-down dog” or “asana,” this pose forms an inverted “V,” with the pelvis up to form the point, and the arms and legs are the supports. Start from the dog position, kneeling with your hands on the floor, then spread your legs by shifting your weight to the soles of your feet and palms. Hold for a few seconds while contracting the abdomen.

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