6 simple stretches to relieve lower back pain fast

6 simple stretches to relieve lower back pain

Stretch are capable of relieving the tensions between the vertebrae of spine and prevent low back pain in the long term.


Low back pain are one of the most common types of back pain. According to estimates, up to 70 % of adults have experienced back pain at some point in their lives.

How to stretches lower back pain

Strengthening the muscles of the lower back is one of the best ways to prevent low back pain. By toning the muscles of the lower back, there is less risk of injury and spinal curvature.

Performing the following exercise routine will relieve low back pain and stretch lower spine. With the execution of the correct and regular technique of these exercises, the deep muscles of the lower spine are strengthened. This not only improves posture, but also helps prevent low back pain in adulthood.

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Below you can find the best exercises and stretches designed to strengthen the muscles and relieve lower back pain.

1- Sphinx exercise

How to stretch lower back pain

Lying on your stomach, tighten your abdominal, buttock and thigh muscles. Stretch your legs back. Using the tension of your back muscles (not your hands), lift your body a few centimeters upward. Try to bring your shoulder blades together, and open your chest. Do several deep cycles of inhalation-exhalation.

2- Cat exercise

How to stretch lower back pain

Start position on four legs. Slowly and carefully, with inspiration, bend the spine upward, bringing the chest forward and looking at the front. With the participation of the lower back muscles, gently bend your spine upward.

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3- Dog exercise

How to stretch lower back pain

Starting with a 4-leg position (back straight and looking down), extend your arm forward without changing the position of your pelvis and shoulders. Then stretch the opposite leg back. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds. This is one of the best static exercises for low back pain.

4- Foot stretches

How to stretch lower back pain

Starting position: standing, with arms along the body, coccyx slightly inward. With inhalation, raise your hands upwards. While exhaling, lower your arms forward and down. The movement should start from the head, not from the lumbar zone. Stretch your arms out towards the floor, and avoid excessive tension in your neck.

5- Face-up stretches

Lying on your back, pull your left foot towards your chest. Simultaneously press your stomach inward. Take two or three full breaths using your internal abdominal as much as possible. Slowly switch legs, making sure your lower back does not slip off the floor.

6- Roller exercises

How to stretch lower back pain

These exercises with a Foam Roller are ideal for relieving low back pain. Because they allow mobility of the back pain fascia. Position the roller at the level of your shoulder blades, place your hands behind your head. As you exhale, slowly lower your shoulders down, feeling your abdominal muscles stretch.

When low back pain is chronic ( not disappearing even after 3-4 weeks) and characterized by acute and severe pain (“low back pain”), you should consult a spinal doctor for advice.

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