Inner thigh workout for women – 6 exercises for thighs

Inner thigh workout for women - 6 exercises for thighs

During exercise always focus on working on areas which are much more visible and, especially, easier to shape.

However, some areas of our body require a little more effort to tone because the muscle complexity and quantity of fat accumulated there.

The thighs are one of these areas, a difficult but not impossible area to tone. This workout will help you tone your inner thighs and get them so strong.

For effective results you should do 3 sets of 20 repetitions of each of the exercises, for at least 3 times a week, which you can incorporate into your cardio workout routine.

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The 6 best inner thigh exercises for strong, toned legs

1. Squats with legs open

Standing, spread your legs in a sumo position, lower gently with short bouncing movements. Keep your back straight all the time and don’t raise your heels, do 20 repetitions.

2. Squat Calf Raises

Standing shoulder-width apart, lower your legs as if you were going to do a squat. As you squat down, lift both heels off the floor without lowering them. When lifting, your thighs should be parallel to floor, squeeze your legs tightly together, and perform 20 repetitions.

3.Deep sumo squat

Standing, spread your legs in a sumo position, lower gently with controlled but deep movements without jumping. it is very important to keep a sumo position, make 20 repetitions.

4. Simple sweep

Lying on your side, support your elbow and lift slightly until the inside of your body is separated by about 45 degrees. Bend your knee and keep the other leg straight, lifting your other leg as high as you can into a controlled movement. Do not touch the floor when you lower it, then perform 20 repetitions and switch sides.

5. Stripper Lift

5 Best exercises for slim and tone inner thighs

Stay lying down and with your elbow as you did in the previous exercise. Lift one leg by holding it by the thigh, calf or heel, according to your flexibility, then lift up the leg that you left on the floor and lower it in a controlled manner. Your legs must be as vertical as possible, remember not to touch the floor when lowering, doing 20 repeats on each side.

6. Bottle exercise

6 Best exercises for slim and tone inner thighs

New leg fat burning workout which can help you tone and lose thigh fat. You must take a bottle, larger diameter, better. Then place it between your legs, straight below the groin. Hold the bottle on your inner thighs for 30 seconds by doing 20 repeats.

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