6 best crossfit exercises at home to get in shape

Doing CrossFit exercises at home it is definitely possible. You do not need any equipment to start, you can begin your daily routines by using only your own strength and body weight.

When doing CrossFit at home, keep in mind this is a workout of varied performance exercises, which should be done in high intensity and high speed repetitions.

Remember not only intensity and speed is important. Also, correct execution of each exercise is very important to achieve best results.

Carefully follow each exercise’s technique to prevent injuries. Regular repeats will help you to achieve more flexibility and good control of movements.

Six CrossFit exercises at home

1- Burpees

Burpees are a great way to start with CrossFit exercises at home. It”s an ideal cardio workout to do at home, because you don’t need to use any extra equipment. Besides the cardiovascular system, the burpee works the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back and chest.

  1. To start a burpee, you need to be in a standing position. Your feet should be separated from your hips and your back should be elongated.
  2. Position yourself to squat with your hands on the floor.
  3. In this position, jump to bring your legs back to the ground.
  4. Bend over to bring your body to the floor.
  5. With one jump, come back to a squat position with your hands always resting on the ground.
  6. Perform a jump with your arms extended to bring your body to the starting position.

2- Squats

Squats shouldn’t miss out on a CrossFit home routine. This exercise works your legs, buttocks and abdominal belt. To execute a squat properly is not so simple as it looks, take care of all your movements to do it in a good way.

  1. Separate your feet at shoulder height.
  2. Arms extended forward with palms downward.
  3. Go down by bending your knees and trying to keep a line straight, and also by trying to
  4. keep your buttocks outward like sitting down.
  5. Come up taking care that your back is straight at all times.

3- Push ups

Push ups work the arms and the trunk of the body. Follow these steps to practice this CrossFit exercise at home:

  1. To start with, your body is stretched upside down and you put your feet and hands on the ground.
  2. Your feet should be together, your gluteus and abdominal firm, your arms extended and your hands open to achieve better support. Your back must be straight and your neck relaxed.
  3. Lower your body by bending your arms without reaching entirely the ground, extending them to raise the initial position.
  4. Be careful not to open your elbows too much.

4- Lunge

Lunge is another exercise that is easy to perform in a CrossFit workout at home. Lunge works the quadriceps and buttocks.

  1. Stand with your hands on your waist and your legs slightly apart.
  2. Just by letting yourself fall, take a step forward by bending your knee without advancing the toe.
  3. The torso has to remain upright, and the leg fixed behind should be too bent without the
  4. knee touching the ground.
  5. Move the leg behind to the side and repeat.

5- CrossFit Abs

You can include CrossFit abs in your home workout. Do them, if possible, using a mat or towel.

  1. Lie down on your back with knees bent, legs resting on the ground and arms stretched backward.
  2. By pushing your arms, you help the trunk to go also forward until you touch your feet or the ground with your hands.
  3. Take care for a simultaneous movement of arms and trunk to achieve a better impulse and execution.
  4. Returns to the initial position and repeats.

6- Tricep

Using a bench, chair or couch, you can perform tricep backgrounds as part of your CrossFitt exercise at home. During this exercise, be careful of extending entirely your arms when you are upward, and not opening too much your elbows when you are downward.

  1. At the start, rest your hands on the bench with your arms half bent and your elbows closed towards your body.
  2. Legs must be forward, lightly bent and supported by heels.
  3. You should lower the trunk, and your gluteus should not touch the ground, and your elbows should be in a 90 grade angle.
  4. Come up again slowly to start position, by using the strength of your triceps.

Health Benefits of CrossFit

Helps to lose weight and shed fat

In the CrossFit almost no rest is needed and this method works with repetitions, which makes it a perfect way to burn fat and calories. For losing weight and burning fat, you can also eat a balanced and healthy diet to complement your workout.

Strengthens muscles

Thanks to the variety of exercises, CrossFit helps you to work your body’s muscles comprehensively. This will tone your body’s overall muscle volume, you will be able to lift weights more easily.

Increase your stamina

Exercising will improve your cardiovascular and pulmonary capacity. So gradually you will see how the energy will accompany you all day long. You will be able to perform much better in any activity.

Reduces stress level

By doing CrossFit you will have fun, you will enjoy yourself and this combined with keeping your mind focused for a while, you will be freed from external worries and thanks to the mental relaxation your stress level will be reduced notably. In addition, exercise helps you sleep better, so you can sleep better and enjoy the new day with less stress and more effectively.

More resistance

This work intensity leads to a strengthening of muscles, which results in more resistance. Therefore, you will see that your body gradually resists and endures more effort and more difficult exercises. Thus, the capacity and resistance of lungs will also become stronger, by using oxygen as fuel to stay active during training.

Enhances relationships

Although CrossFit has individual challenges, it is often practiced in a group. While you are doing one exercise, others can do different ones, and even do some of them in pairs or groups. Thus, the exchange of impressions and experiences about practicing sports will facilitate conversations about other aspects of personal life and you will be able to establish friendship relationships.