5 Super effective back exercises you are not doing

5 Super effective back exercises you are not doing

Every summer you most probably think about toning your body and getting it in shape. One of the most difficult areas of the body to work out is the back fat. There are hundreds of exercises for the abdominal muscles, but it seems more challenging to address those not-so-lovely areas called “love handles,” which are fat deposits on the sides of the lower back.

Other common complaints in women include sagging or excess skin where the bra closes, and a desire to tighten the skin under the armpits.

Here are our top five exercises for a killer back.

1- Bring your arms together behind your back

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Lie on your stomach and lift your torso off the floor. Extend your arms forward, spread them apart and lower them along your torso. Try to keep your shoulder blades together as much as possible and don’t tense your face. Repeat 12 times.

2- Leg raises while lying on stomach

Remain in the supine position on your stomach. Now place your head on your forearms. Alternately lift your straight legs up, straining your buttocks. Be careful: there should be no discomfort in the lower back.

3- Boat

Lie on your stomach and put your hands behind your head. Lift your torso and legs at the same time. Try to do as high as possible. Repeat for 12 times.

4- Cat

Get on all fours with arms straight and legs bent at right angles. Take a breath and round your back, relax your neck and lower your head. Notice that you need to work the thoracic department, not the lower back. Breathe out and open your thoracic region by arching your spine. As you do this, you need to stretch your top toward the ceiling. Do 12 repetitions.

5- Bird-dog

Get on all fours, feet and hands shoulder width apart. Slowly extend your right arm forward and pull your left leg back. Hold this position for a few seconds. Then reach your right elbow to your left knee while rounding your back. Do 10 times for each side.

Do this workout every day and your well-being will improve significantly. Share this article with your friends on social media!

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