These 5 quick exercises work wonders for bottom and legs

To get a perfect shape of bottom and shapely legs, it is necessary to work hard. So, shall we work on our legs and buttocks today? The main task is to choose competent exercises, with which the body will not be overstretched, but will engage in serious work.

This leg and bottom workout will be your best friend for the next month. Don’t skip a class, and in 30 days you’ll be bragging about great results.

1- Forward Bending Squat

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your head. As you exhale, bend your body forward, pulling your pelvis back. Your gaze is directed downward and your back is straight. As you inhale, return to the starting position.

Repetition number: 20.

2- Deadlift On One Leg

Stand up straight with your arms along your body. Bend your right leg and lift it off the floor, put your body weight on the left leg and bend it slightly at the knee. As you exhale, bend your body forward and reach with your right hand toward the floor, pulling your right leg back. As you inhale, return to the starting position. Try to keep your balance and not to fall forward.

Number of repetitions: 12 for each leg.

3- Swing Legs

Kneel down, lean on hands, don’t arch your back back. Straighten one leg and put it on your toes. As you inhale lift it up, as you exhale put it down. Don’t touch the floor with your toe to feel how the back of your thighs and glutes work.

Number of repetitions: 15 for each leg.

4- Leg Extension


Stand in the same starting position as in the previous exercise. Straighten one leg and lift it up so that it forms a straight line with the body. Note that the palms should be exactly under the shoulders. Then start bending and unbending your leg, straining your abs and glute muscles.

Number of repetitions: 15 for each leg.

5- One-Leg Bridge

Lie on your back, bend knees, hands pressed to the floor. Rest your left foot on the floor and lift your right leg. As you inhale, lift your pelvis off the floor and push it up, and as you exhale, lower it down.

Number of repetitions: 15 for each leg.

Start by doing each exercise in 2 sets, and when it becomes easy, increase the number of repetitions. When you cannot repeat these exercises because of knee pain, then try another glute workout that does not stress the problematic joints.

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Share these workouts with all your friends.They’ll thank you later when they get a slender leg and perfect bottom.