5 moves to sculpt your butt with a chair


To firm your buttocks at home is easier than it seems, because you don’t need a gym or its equipment to shape your body with things you have at home.

So if you want to firm your buttocks easily, check out these five home exercises with a chair that will help you achieve this goal in less a month.

1- Half bridge

Position yourself under the seat of a chair with your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Grasp the seat with your hands and pull up until your chest is as close to the chair as you can get it, then push against your buttocks once in the air and lower down. Do 10 repetitions for 4 sets.

2- Bulgarian Plunge

You can use a chair or an elevated piece of furniture. Spread your legs (one in front of the other) and the one you left and place the tip of your foot on the seat. Once you are in the squat position, lower down and begin your set. Do 10 reps for 4 sets with each leg.

3- Leg lift

Stand facing a chair or a box with height, support one of your legs and raise the other trying to bring it to the height of your chest, if it is not possible, do not force it, because you could hurt yourself. Once you finish 10 repetitions, switch sides and complete 4 sets with each leg.

4- Squat with weight

Stand with your back to the chair and load something weighted with your hands, it can be dumbbells, a kettlebell, or even a 1 kilo bag of rice. Bring your weighted hands to your chest and hold there. Lower and sit down, but without dropping your weight; as soon as your buttocks touch the seat, return to your original standing position. Do 15 repetitions and complete 4 sets.

5- Lifting

Position yourself facing the back of a chair so that you can rest your hands on the back of the chair. Your body should be slightly bent forward and lift one of your legs to the height that suits you. Lower and repeat the movement. Complete 10 repetitions in 4 sets.

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