5 Indoor hanging pots designs to decorate your home

A beautiful decorative touch that will not take away your space or money.


A healthy, natural and beautiful way to decorate your home is by placing different pots with real plants in all your spaces. Mother nature is always an element that will offer benefits to your daily life, therefore, if you don’t have much space for them, a good alternative is to hang them up.

Hence, we show you the best options for indoor hanging pots to make your plants look as eye-catching as ever, and decorate your home with a natural touch.

1. Ceramic hanging pots

Hanging pot or planter made of high quality ceramics. Its dimensions are 6.75″ in diameter and 6.5″ in height. It is made with a cotton cord of 32″ long. Also, these hanging pots comes with a water hole and a plastic cap. It is ideal to decorate any space in your home.

2. Hanging metal and coconut pots

A package of 4 metal hanging pots with coconut lining from 14″ diameter x 7 inches deep. Every pot consists of a basket that hangs on a wall by a heavy-duty steel rod mechanism with black vinyl liner. Unique to each pot is a coconut liner, iron supports and large storage capacity. You can arrange your plants easily.

3. Plastic pots with strong chain

Lightweight, vibrant and brightly colored, self-watering plastic hanging pot (available in blue, yellow and white). It also has strong chains that allow it to remain hanging. It has a drainage plug at the bottom that allows excess water to drain away after heavy rains.

4. Sturdy basket hanging pot

The inner pot with a mesh drainer allows excess water to pass through without difficulty. In addition, the outside basket with a drain plug allows water storage and keeps your plant from drying out.

5. Hanging pot with macramé string

High quality and resistant ceramic pot and macramé string. It is suitable for all types of small plants. It should be noted that the outside of the pot is left without glazing with plywood textures, while the inside is made of bare clay, which creates an interesting visual contrast.