5 gym workout alternatives you can try at home

Doing regular workouts every day is the best thing to do for your health, it is always something that comes in the way.

For instance, according to statistics, a major reason people drop out of gym memberships is because of high cost.

However, here are some great ways to stay in shape all the time and without leaving your home or spending a penny.

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1. Stairs are used for cardio exercises


The most used equipment in fitness gyms is treadmills and bike simulators for cardio workouts. Nevertheless, don’t worry, you can achieve the same result using just the stairs in your home or any public place.

2. Strength and flexibility exercise wall


Elevated push-ups, handstands, stretches and yoga inversions can be easily using any wall at your home as an exercise tool to strengthen your legs and core.

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3. Backpack for body weight exercises


To do some of your workouts, such as lunges or push-ups, with a loaded backpack, you can try to do the same exercises.

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4. Couch as a bench


The couch in your home can be used for exercises like sit-ups, lunges and more, as an alternative for a bench.

5. Chairs for dips


Dips is one of the most important exercises for chest and triceps activation, although you can use a chair or 2 can become an alternative at home. Just apply weight and pressure on the right areas to get the best results.

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