5 Exercises To Get Rid of Fat Under Armpit

These exercises will help you to get rid of armpit fat if you are uncomfortable with it.

armpit fat exercises

You should know of course that accumulation of fat under the armpits is not uncommon. Most women at some point in their lives develop it, and some men as well, whereby annoying rolls form around the bra or simply in the armpit.

The good news is that there are exercises you can do to avoid it. But first, you must rule out the possibility that it is a more serious health problem, as:

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If you have any doubts about this, consult your doctor. If, having ruled out these possibilities, you know that it is fat accumulation, you can incorporate this exercise routine into your daily routine. They will help you get perfect arms and back fat in no time.

5 exercises to get rid of armpit fat while toning your arms, and you will see the results in just a few weeks!

1. Push-ups

armpit fat exercises

A classic exercise to achieve firmness in the arms. It allows us to work and strengthen the muscles of the upper body, especially the pectorals, shoulders, triceps, and deltoids, among other muscles. It is, therefore, an ideal exercise to reduce the accumulation of fat under the armpits.

To perform it, first get on your stomach, supporting the palms of your hands separated at a distance between them similar to the width of your shoulders.

Keep your back straight and your feet together.

Then, lower your whole body using the strength of your arms. Hold for a few seconds and come back up.

Do 20 repetitions.

2. Dumbbell arm lift

armpit fat exercises

Once you have finished the 20 push-ups, lie down on your back. You will do arm raises with dumbbells. If you don’t have a pair of dumbbells, you can use a water bottle filled with sand.

All you have to do is lie on your back, lift the dumbbells, and lower back down. With this exercise you will work the front muscles of the shoulders, upper back muscles, serratus anterior (muscle along the ribs), biceps and chest muscles.

Do 20 repetitions.

3. Triceps dips

armpit fat exercises

Simple but very effective exercise to work the triceps are the dips or bottoms. All you need is a chair or low table and you are ready to perform this exercise.

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We stand with our backs to the chair with our knees bent and rest our hands on the edge of the chair, placing them on either side of your hips.

Lift your buttocks off the chair, bringing your feet forward to rest your weight on your heels. You have to do a squat or push-up, until you feel a pressure on your arms and shoulders.

Come back up again with only the strength of your arms.

Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times.

4. Side plank

armpit fat exercises

The side plank on the floor is an exercise to strengthen the abdominal area, which also helps to tone the arms and, therefore, to eliminate fat under the armpits.

First, you must lie laterally on the floor or on a mat. Rest one hand on the floor, and the other hooked to the body.

Then rise up until you have only one arm and feet on the floor. The arm that is against the floor should be bent, feet together and legs straight.

Hold the position for 15 seconds and then switch sides for another 15 seconds.

For this exercise, you must first adopt the plank position. This consists of raising your body and placing it parallel to the ground, resting your hands in front and the tips of your toes behind you. Thus, your entire torso is in a “plank” position.

Then, move sideways by opening and closing your legs and crossing your arms.

5. Lateral raises for the shoulders

armpit fat exercises

Standing with your legs slightly bent and with a dumbbell in each hand (whatever weight you feel comfortable with), raise your arms out to your sides until they are level with your shoulders.

Hold the position for a second, then bring them higher until they’re directly above your head and your arms are in a straight line with your shoulders.

Lower down again, stopping at shoulder level for a moment before returning to the original position.

Do 20 repetitions.

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Share these helpful exercises with all your friends! They will thank you later when they slim armpit fat!