5 easy and tasty vegan recipes

vegan recipes

vegan recipes

Following a balanced vegan diet does not necessarily mean spending a lot of time in kitchen. As a sample, these easy and tasty vegan recipes that you can prepare in just a few minutes.

Everything from nutritious healthy vegan recipes for starters and main dishes to delicious quick vegan recipes for desserts for specific moments. In this selection of 5 recipes you will find exquisite flavors that you can prepare in a short time, with healthy foods and almost no work.

Easy and tasty vegan sweet recipes

Vegan cheesecake

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vegan recipesOne of the most appreciated desserts is cheesecake. Following a vegan diet does not mean missing out on it. Vegan cheesecake is a healthier alternative without animal foods that you can prepare yourself. It could not be missing in this selection of easy and tasty vegan recipes.

Ingredients for 8 servings:

150gm granola
75gm margarine
100ml rice drink
400gm of silken tofu (kinu tofu)
1 teaspoon agar powder
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 tablespoons fructose
Assorted fresh berries: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries or your favorites


Mash the granola with the margarine and place the mixture in an even, compact layer in a tart ring mold.

Meanwhile, heat the rice drink in a saucepan. Off the heat, dilute the agar, mix with the fructose, vanilla essence and lemon juice and the silken tofu. Pour into the mold and let it cool in the refrigerator to set.

After a couple of hours or when you want to serve the vegan cheesecake you only have to unmold and decorate it by covering it with fresh berries. If you do not have them you can use berries jam but it will not be a fit recipe but more caloric.

Vegan rice pudding

vegan recipes

Another one of the easiest vegan recipes that is both delicious and healthy at the same time is vegan rice pudding. The ideal way to prepare it in a short time is to take advantage of a day when you cook rice and reserve a part of it for this preparation. Or you can use the rice that is sold already cooked to prepare quick vegan recipes. If it is integral, better to elaborate healthy vegan recipes.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

150gm of cooked rice al dente.
250ml rice drink
1 stick of cinnamon
The peel of half a lemon without the white part
2 tablespoons of grated panela
Powdered cinnamon


Put the cooked rice in a saucepan with the cinnamon stick, the lemon peel, the grated panela and the rice drink. Let it cook over medium-high heat so that the rice softens a little more and takes the flavors of the other ingredients. In addition, the liquid will reduce and thicken, leaving a creamy mixture.

5 minutes are usually enough to prepare the vegan rice pudding. Although it depends on whether you like it thicker or thinner. And, keep in mind, brown rice requires more cooking time than white rice.

Pour into two bowls or cups, removing the cinnamon stick and lemon peel. When serving, you can sprinkle the surface with cinnamon powder.

Vegan chocolate cake

vegan recipes

This vegan chocolate cake recipe should not be missing in any home recipe book of easy and tasty vegan recipes. It will surprise you because apparently it has no ingredients capable of maintaining the texture of chocolate cake. But the reality is that thanks to the natural pectin of persimmon, the texture achieved without cooking is that of a real chocolate mousse cake. But it is much healthier and lower in calories.

Ingredients for 8 servings:

100gm roasted hazelnuts
6 tablespoons of nut cream
750gm ripe persimmons
4 tablespoons pure cocoa powder
4 tablespoons maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla essence


Finely chop the hazelnuts and mix well with the nut cream to obtain a homogeneous paste. Arrange this mixture in a single even and compact layer in a high rimmed circular tart pan.

Peel the kiwis and puree them in a blender along with the vanilla essence, pure cocoa powder and maple syrup. Pour into the mold.

Let cool overnight and unmold by removing the ring. You will see how the cake stays firm despite being made without eggs, flour or gelatin. You can garnish the vegan chocolate cake with raspberries or orange segments. The combination of chocolate with these fruits is exquisite. Or decorate with peeled nuts.

Vegan cream of mushroom soup

vegan recipes

If you enjoy spoon dishes you will love this vegan cream of mushroom soup. If you want to prepare more easy and tasty vegan recipes you can repeat it on other occasions replacing the mushrooms with shiitake mushrooms, chanterelles or boletus. The flavor varies but the procedure is the same.

Ingredients for two servings:

250gm of cleaned mushrooms.
1 small shallot
350ml vegetable stock
1 tablespoon silken tofu
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon powdered boletus mushrooms
Ground white pepper


Peel the shallot and cut into quarters. Fry the cleaned and quartered mushrooms in a saucepan with the olive oil and a pinch of salt.

When it gets colored, add the broth, cover and cook for a few minutes. If the broth is already hot, 3-4 minutes will be enough. Remove from the heat, add the powdered boletus and the silken tofu. Blend until a fine and homogeneous cream is obtained.

Serve the vegan cream of mushroom soup in two bowls or deep plates and season with salt if needed and ground white pepper to taste. You can add a spoonful of slivered almonds for a crunchy and flavorful touch that contrasts with the cream.

Quinoa salad

vegan recipes

There are many versions of quinoa salad. This one is nutritious and delicious, ideal for you if you are looking for quick and healthy vegan recipes.

Ingredients for two:

150gm cooked quinoa
1/2 ripe avocado
1 medium tomato
1/4 red onion
12 green olives
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1/2 tablespoon lime juice


Peel the onion and chop it into small cubes along with the tomato, cleaned and peeled. Place in a salad bowl and add the warm or cold cooked quinoa.

Remove the skin from the avocado, dice and dress with the lime juice. Add this to the salad bowl and also add the tomatoes.

Dress with the extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce. Mix well and serve immediately.

Prepare these delicious and easy vegan recipes at home and discover how easy it is to eat well. Food is essential for health and combining the consumption of healthy vegan recipes on a daily basis with the occasional sweet treat is the key to feeling good.

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