5 cardio exercises that burn lower belly fat without equipment

Exercises to reduce belly fat is a very important part of weight loss as it helps you build on your abs if you are inclined in bodybuilding or otherwise will make you feel healthy and fit.

Belly fat is just a hindrance to your lifestyle and should be reduced immediately. There are several ways in which you can gain belly fat which may include undocumented eating, stressful lifestyle and even excessive alcohol consumption which should be curbed in yolk if you want to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

You should do some research online first if you want to know more about losing some belly fat, but one of the best parts of this article is that it is going to give you some of the best ways that you can reduce belly at home with some of the easiest but most effective exercises.

Get rid of lower belly fat in the comfort of your home with these simple exercises.

1. Leg Raised Sit Up

This is one of the most effective lower belly fat exercises to reduce stubborn lower belly fat at home.

Lie down on the mat on your back, then raise both the legs in the air, knees should be straight and feet together. Simultaneously lift both the hands, place them at the back of the head by bending the elbows. Then hold the leg in the position upwards and try to lift the upper body from the floor as much you can. Feel the pressure on the lower belly and go back to the same position. Do about 10 times and repeat the same for 3 times.

2. Vertical Scissors

Lie on the floor, put your palms under the buttocks, press the lower back to the floor. Lift two legs up at 90 degrees, then slowly lower the right leg down while leaving the left leg in its original position. Then put the right leg up and do the same with the left leg, doing 20 repetitions. As you get to your feet, start doing a series of 10 hops on both feet.

3. Climber

As for the push-ups, put your palms under your shoulders and your feet on tiptoes. Pull your right leg off the floor and bend at the knee. Quickly pull the knee to the chest and return to starting position. Do the same movement with the left leg. Try not to bend down in the lower back, and do not pull upward with your buttocks. Repeat this movement 20 times, and then move on to hops.

4. Fold

Sit on the floor, resting your hands on the floor behind you. Quickly bring the knees to the chest, bending with the power of abs. The movement is done simultaneously, the body must move to the legs, and the knees to the chest. Return to the starting position, straighten legs, but don’t put them on the floor. Repeat the movement 20 times, then stand on your feet and do jumps.

5. Lift knee and push in

This exercise looks like a dance step. It works the obliques and lower belly. Sit up straight and move to the edge of the chair. Place your feet in front of you. Raise your hands to touch the sides of your head. To perform the exercise, lift one knee at a time by touching the elbow of your right arm with your left knee and doing the same step on the other side: left elbow to right knee. You should feel a pull in your lower abdominal muscles. Do this exercise 15 times on each side.

6. Raise your legs from sitting position

Sit on a chair with a firm seat, gently straighten, suck in your abs, grasp the edge of the seat with your hands, bring your legs bent at the knees to your chest. Do not bend your body, work only the abs. Do 20 lifts and complete the cycle with hops.

7. Chair Raise

If you are going to do it in a wheelchair, you should definitely do this exercise against the wall to prevent it from moving. Once you’re stable, place your arms on the armrests and raise your body. As you do this, use your abdominal muscles to pull your knees up and in. Hold this position for as long as you can and then return to a sitting position.