5 thigh workouts for strong, sculpted legs

Most people overestimate the difficulty of getting in shape, when in fact it is quite simple. The two most important qualities for success are patience and persistence. It takes time, despite what many of us would like to believe.

Here are 5 easy floor exercises to sculpt lean thighs. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise in the order shown.

1. Leg raise

Lie on your side, bend your right leg and support your head with your right hand. Lift your left leg as high and straight as possible. Without letting your foot touch the ground, lower it back down and repeat. Then change sides and repeat this exercise.

2. Leg lift with knee extension

Lie on your right side with your legs extended. Bend your right elbow and support your head with your right arm. Lift your right leg. Bend your knee to a 90 degree angle. Keep your left leg straight with your toes pointed, your abdominal muscles tensed, and your spine straight. Lift your left leg about 45 degrees off the ground, grasping your outer thigh. Do not let your leg drop. Bring your left knee toward your body and bend it. The next step is to let your foot go up again. Slowly lower yourself until your toes touch the floor. This is one repetition.

3. Pike Leg Pulses

Lie down on your side, bend your right leg and support your head with your right hand. Lift your leg as high in front of your body as you have just done in the previous step.

4. Pike kick to knee

Lie on your side, bring your left leg forward and make a slow push, not a bounce. Change sides and do the same again.

5. Split Leg Raises

Start lying on your back with one leg raised. Hold it in the air with one arm. Raise one leg in the air and touch your foot to the other leg with your foot.

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Share these thigh exercises with your friends, they will thank you later when they have shapely legs!