5 Best exercises to burn fat and build muscle at the same time

There is no more effective workout for burning fat than this one. By doing just 5 exercises in one session, you can strengthen almost all your muscles, lose weight, and even speed up your metabolism. As a result, you are guaranteed a beautiful figure, great feeling and good mood from the stunning results.

The main principle of this workout is to perform each exercise 10 times, rest a little, perform 12 times in the second approach, and 15 times in the third. No long breaks!

Exercises for burning fat and tightening muscles

Squats with a bar

Not everyone has a bar at home and not everyone can lift it, so take a mop or a light tube and start. Place your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, take the barbell and lift it over your head. Make sure your back is straight. Then squat down.
Your back and arms should be straight to avoid injury. It may look ridiculous, but the result is totally worth it.

Horizontal pull-ups

Pull-ups are very effective, but not everyone can do them because the exercise is complicated. Grab the bar, extend your legs and put them on your heels. Pull your chest to the bar, hold a little at the top, and then slowly lower yourself down until you have completely straightened your arms. Note the technique in the photo.
horizontal pull-up


Do your usual push-ups from the floor, only do them on a fitball. If there is no fitball, put your feet on the sofa. Your back should be straight. Look down when doing the exercises.

Squats with weights

The next exercise is squats with dumbbells. If you do not have dumbbells, take two 0.5-liter bottles of water. Hold the weights at shoulder level. Bend your knees, squat at a right angle, without hunching or arching your back. When taking the starting position, raise your arms up.
squats with weights

Book Exercise

The last exercise in the complex. Lie on your back. Raise the body and legs at the same time. Reach your hands to your legs. Try not to bend your knees.
exercise book

The workout is not easy, but it is more effective than, for example, an hour of running. You can’t catch a fish out of a pond without work. In our case, the fish is a chic figure that everyone will admire. So, will you take on this difficult task?