34 amazing things you didn’t know your body can do

34 amazing things you didn't know your body can do

The human body is a huge mystery that scientists investigate daily, and that, despite this, continues to leave constant curious data that surprise most of the population.

In relation to these discoveries, here are 34 really surprising facts about the human organism.

34 curious facts that you probably didn’t know about your body

34 amazing things you didn't know your body can do

1. You can’t tickle yourself. Tickling activates a part of the brain that is responsible for controlling facial movements, vocal and emotional reactions. Even if you’ve tried to tickle yourself, it’s impossible. That’s because the brain knows your intentions, which overrides the surprise factor that produces them.

2. High number of beats. Considering that a human being experiences 35 million heartbeats per year, it could be said that in a lifetime it reaches almost 3 billion beats on average, according to Ageing Research Reviews. As one of the most important organs in our body, some ways you can take care of your heart are to eat a healthy diet and have an exercise program.

3. Women blink more than men. Several studies indicate that women blink many more times a day than men. This is because they have higher estrogen levels, which allows for greater tear production. In numbers, a man blinks 15,000 times a day, a figure that women double, since they blink up to 30,000 times in the same time.

4. Sneezing traveling in a hurry. Sneezes could travel at a speed of 161 kilometers per hour, which sneezes move at a speed of 16 kilometers per hour, which is enough to be careful when you feel like sneezing in front of other people.

5. Blood does not reach one part of our body. The human body is a tangle of connections that allow blood circulation to every corner of the body. Except one. The cornea receives oxygen directly from the air, so it does not need to be supplied with blood like the rest of the body.

6. Can detect more than a billion different odors. The human sense of smell is capable of distinguishing a large number of different odors: more than a trillion. Researchers at the Rockefeller University in New York and the Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris have found this to be true.

7. Your body is full of bacteria. A study found that a man weighing almost 70 kilos has 38 trillion bacteria. This figure is similar to the number of cells in the human body, according to the researchers themselves.

8. Man is the best long-distance runner on the planet. In fact, in the past, early hominins hunted out of exhaustion, chasing their prey until it fainted from not being able to keep up.

9. Being in love causes the same hormones and neurotransmitters to be activated in our brain that are activated with amphetamines.

10. The navel houses thousands of bacteria, forming an ecosystem whose dimensions are equal to that of a tropical forest.

11. The eye muscles move around 100,000 times a day, the equivalent of walking 50 kilometers a day to perform the same exercise with the legs.

12. The human body produces half a liter of saliva a day, resulting in around 35,000 liters of saliva over a lifetime, which could fill two swimming pools.

13. The human brain produces enough electricity to power a light bulb in real time.

14. The human body produces 25 million new cells per second, resulting in more cells being produced every 13 seconds than people living in the United States.

15. The human brain is capable of reading up to 1,000 words per minute.

16. Red blood cells, present in the blood, can travel throughout the human body in just 20 seconds, making just over three complete revolutions per minute.

17. Nails grow faster on the dominant hand with which a person writes. They also grow faster than toenails.

18. The mouth produces more than a liter of saliva a day.

19. We lose about 4 kilograms of dead cells annually? Which means that we shed our skin up to eight times a year.

20. In an average life expectancy the heart beats more than three billion times.

21. The right lung is about 10% smaller than the right because of the space the heart occupies.

22. Human teeth are just as strong as a shark’s.

23. The smallest cells in the human body are sperm and the largest are eggs.

24. Acids found in the stomach are capable of breaking down materials as hard as metal.

25. Like fingerprints, the texture of the tongue is absolutely unique.

26. In the course of a day, the blood travels the distance of 19,312 kilometers.

27. The human eye can distinguish up to 10 million different colors, but our brain cannot remember them all.

28. Smiling activates 17 muscles of the face, while crying activates 43.

29. The total weight of bacteria in the human body is 2 kilograms.

30. The veins are neither blue nor green? We see the veins of bluish color due to an optical effect produced by the skin: the thinner, the more vivid the color will be.

31. The scalp contains about 10,000 hairs and the hair grows about 15 centimeters per year.

32. If we could extend the brain, it would be the size of a pillowcase.

33. The fastest muscles in the human body are the ones that make the eyes blink. They can contract in less than a hundredth of a second.

34. Tongue is strongest muscle. Up to 40% of human body is made up of muscle tissue. A total of 650 muscles are responsible for the movement and stability of the body. With such a large number of muscles, it is hard to believe that the tongue is the strongest muscle, or set of muscles.

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