3 spoons in the shampoo! The secret to shiny, strong, knot-free hair. It also stops it from falling!

Sugar in shampoo

When it comes to beauty products, sugar is one of the most popular. Today you will find out what benefits it brings to your hair. Combine it with any shampoo and you have a great hair care product.

Next, here are 7 benefits of sugar in shampoo on hair. This will help you get the most out of this wonderful product.

Sugar in shampoo, trick that helps shine and strengthen hair

Sugar in shampoo

1. Acts as an exfoliant

It is no secret that exfoliating the scalp helps to keep hair soft, shiny and healthy. The sugar in shampoo acts as a gentle exfoliant that deeply cleanses the scalp, removing particles that clog follicles and controlling excess sebum.

2. Promotes regeneration and hair growth

Sugar contains properties that help stimulate blood circulation and regenerate cells. On the other hand, the fact that it acts as an exfoliant directly promotes growth. This makes hair healthy and strong.

3. Reduces oil and sebum

Excess sebum in the scalp can weaken the hair follicle, causing hair loss or what experts call alopecia. Sugar added to hair helps counteract this problem.

4. 100% Natural

Adding sugar to your hair will always be more effective and beneficial than using chemicals. These have been proven to damage or irritate the scalp. Not only that, but by accumulating in the body, they can cause a number of disorders.

5. Prevents dandruff

By achieving deep cleansing, it reduces the accumulation of dead cells on the scalp, preventing the appearance of dandruff and itching.

6. Reduces hair loss

Due to its exfoliating properties, sugar in shampoo facilitates the elimination of toxins and debris that accumulate on the scalp throughout the day, and eliminates excess oil, all qualities that also promote hair growth.

7. A great aesthetic ally

Sugar helps to shape the hair, controls frizz and prevents the formation of knots in the hair. If you mix sugar well with shampoo, you will have a great ally when it comes to washing and caring for your hair.

How to use sugar in shampoo for strong, shiny and healthy hair

Sugar in shampoo

You need:

  • Sugar
  • Your shampoo
  • A spoon
  • A bowl (optional)


Mix three tablespoons of sugar with your favorite shampoo. If necessary, you can help yourself to a bowl to supplement both ingredients.

Use this mixture once a week or every four washes, as daily exfoliation can irritate the scalp.

After exfoliating, use a conditioner that moisturizes and is gentle on the scalp, ideally with natural ingredients and without parabens, dyes, alcohol, or petroleum.

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