3 simple but very effective exercises for a healthy back that you can do every day

3 simple but very effective exercises for a healthy back

Our body is naturally harmonious, and the spine is the basis of this balance. When it is disturbed, other body systems also suffer, muscles function less efficiently, which leads to pain and increased fatigue.

In addition, constant discomfort worsens your mood and overall well-being. In this situation, you should not wait for a miracle and believe that healing will come by itself.

Regular exercise only can straighten your posture, relieve tension from the muscles of your back, improve blood circulation and ensure the health of spine for years to come.

Take care of your back with these three simple exercises. For best results, do them every day.

1- Cat

Starting position is a square. Place your knees exactly under your hip joints, palms under your shoulders. Align your back, stretch the mat between your palms, exposing the shoulder blades area, stretch your buttocks backwards and your top forwards, creating axial extension of the spine. As you exhale, simultaneously push off the floor with your knees and arms, round your back, twist your pelvis, and press your chin to your chest. As you inhale, return to the starting position, pulling your top forward and your buttocks back well. Perform 10 repetitions slowly.

2- Mermaid

Starting position is Z-saddle, right leg bend at the knee and put the foot in front of you, left leg also bend at the knee and press the heel to the buttock. Firmly press your sciatic tuberosities into the floor and stretch upward with your head. Spread your arms out to the side, stretching well between them. As you inhale, bend to the right, resting your right hand and stretch upward in an arc behind your left hand, opening the rib zone well. Try to keep your left buttock on the floor. With an exhalation, return to the starting position. Perform 10 repetitions slowly. Change the position and perform to the other side.

3- Sit-up curl

Start by sitting with your legs crossed in front of you. If you find it difficult to stretch your back in this position, sit on bricks or a cushion. Push off with your left hand from your right knee, twist your entire spine well to the right, reaching for the top of your head upward. Hold the position, do 10 breathing cycles slowly, on the inhale stretching even more behind the top of your head up, on the exhale mentally releasing the tension in your back. Repeat to the other side.