5 moves for round butt that beat squats

To really want your butt to look more toned, you can participate in this interesting challenge with us. This challenge to achieve wonderful buttocks will consist of a Workout Plan of just twenty eight days. You only need one month to get what you’ve always dreamed of.

Well, are you ready to combat this glute challenge and build a much better butt? You’re just a click away from detailed exercise descriptions, workout tips, and a whole 28-day butt challenge. It will take you at most 15 minutes.

Exercise 1

Lie down on an exercise mat. Bring your heels close to your buttocks, lift your hips and lower back down without touching the floor.

When you raise your hips, squeeze them, do 30 repetitions and at the end, hold for 20 seconds squeezing your gluteus and then slowly lower yourself down.

Exercise 2

In the same position stretch one leg, with the other one lean on the floor. Lift the leg you stretched as far as you can forming a square and raise it to the sky.

When you go down, don’t touch the floor, go up and down in one quick movement, do 20 reps with each leg, this is a dead weight exercise and it’s the best thing that will happen to your butt.

Exercise 3

Lie down on an exercise mat. Bring your heels close to your buttocks, bring your heel up on the knee of the other leg, lift your hips and lower back down without touching the floor.

Be careful, when you go down don’t touch the floor and squeeze your gluteus when you go up, go up and down in a slow movement, the slower the better, do 20 repetitions with each leg.

Exercise 4

Get into a 4-point stance, making sure that your arms are at shoulder height. Leave your right leg bent and resting on the floor. Lift the other bent leg and squeeze the gluteus.

Be careful, to protect your lower back, make your abdomen very hard, remember not to touch the floor, do it slowly but controlled, 15 repetitions on each leg will be enough.

Exercise 5

Standing, open your legs and lower to one side with squat and without bending your knees, just lower to one side, add weight with a jug of water or a dumbbell. Do 20 repetitions of each leg without alternating them.

Exercise 6

Stay in the same position of the previous exercise, lift one leg slightly, but to one side, it is not necessary to be at 90 degrees. Now pretend to draw a circle in the air with your knee.

The movement has to be slow and the trick is not to lower or rest your leg, to create more resistance, 15 on each side is perfect.

Exercise 7

Standing, lean on a wall, kick backwards without touching the ground, add a resistance band for added impact. Do 20 repetitions of each leg.

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