20 Minute Legs Workout at Home with No Equipment

20 Minute Legs and Core Workout at Home with No Equipment

To have a harmonious and strong body it is very important to work all parts of our body, because working all the muscles together will bring us many benefits.

In this article we show you 8 leg exercises to do at home to train the lower body and tone the muscles of the legs: quadriceps, insquiotibiales, abductors, glutes and calves.

The leg muscles have the function of moving and stabilizing the lower extremities. Therefore, strengthening them will greatly benefit leg locomotion.

They are the foundation of the body and include different joints, numerous bones and muscles connected to each other. Well-defined and strong legs will serve to make our body more harmonious and well-proportioned.

Next, we will show you the best leg exercises to do at home.


Start by spreading your legs shoulder-width apart, with your feet slightly outward.
Rest the barbell on top of your shoulders or grab the dumbbells next to your body.
Slowly bend your knees, stick your buttocks out and keep your back straight.
Don’t allow your knees to go past the tip of your toes when bent.
Load the weight on your heels and push up to return to the starting position.
Perform 4 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions each. Rest 1 minutes between sets. Depending on how you feel muscle fatigue, lighten the weight on the last two or the last set.

2- Lunge in motion

Start with a hip-width apart stance.
Hold a dumbbell in each hand according to your lifting ability.
Place one leg forward, bending at the knees to lower your hips toward the floor.
Lower until your back knee almost touches the floor. Maintain an upright posture and avoid moving your front knee past your toes to avoid injury.
Put your weight on the heel of your front foot and ascend from the lunge. Switch sides and repeat.
Do 3 sets of 10 to 14 repetitions per side. You can start by doing 10 lunges and as you do more sets, increase one more to push yourself. Rest 1 minutes between sets

3- Leg bends in plank position

Lie face down in a plank position.
Lift one leg towards the sky, and when lowering it, straighten it until it reaches the chest, without touching the floor.
Put the leg back to its initial position and perform the same movement with the other leg.
If the plank position on your outstretched arms is too challenging, try it on your elbows.
Try to complete 3 of 8 to 12 repetitions. Rest for 1 minutes.

4- Single-leg deadlift with dumbbells

Hold a dumbbell  in your left hand and keep your arm in line with your body. Bend your torso, at the same time bringing the weight close to your leg to the floor and lifting your left leg backward, fully straight, at a 90° angle. Switch hands and legs and do 15 repetitions each, in 2 sets.

5- Calf raise

Leave your toes flat on a step or on the floor, and your heels extended over the edge. As you exhale, lift your heels as high as you can, feeling your calves activate.
Hold the movement for a few seconds and lower your heels to return to the starting position.
You can do this exercise with body weight, add dumbbells or a barbell, according to your preference.
Do 4 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions, resting 1 minutes between each set.

6- Gluteus Bridge

This is an excellent exercise to perform at home, where we focus on toning and lifting the buttocks. To perform it, you should preferably place yourself on an exercise mat, face up with your arms at your sides and knees bent upwards.

Take a breath and lift your hips, keeping your back straight and contracting your buttocks, hold in that firm position for 3 seconds and lower again. Do 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. 1 minutes between each one.

7- Wall sit

This is an excellent leg exercise that will also help you tone your waist, thighs and buttocks. To perform it you only need the support of a wall and that’s it.

It is very similar to a squat, with the difference that, with the Wall sit you must support your back to the wall and then go down as if you were sitting on a chair, staying in a static position for at least 30″ depending on your own resistance, then progressively you can increase the time.

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