20-minute cardio workouts for weight loss, burn calories, tone your body for women at home

20-minute cardio workouts for weight loss

Cardio exercises help build endurance and strengthen the heart. But if instead of classic cardio you perform circular interval training, the effect will be much better: such exercises strengthen muscles and accelerate fat burning. All you need to get in shape here’s how to do a 20-minute cardio workout that you can do at home.

Cardio workouts for 20 minutes: workout program

  • Start your workout with a warm-up.
  • Build your workout in a circuit. Do the exercise for a period of activity (for example, 30 seconds), then rest and move on to the next exercise. “The mode of employment can be as follows: 30/30, 40/20, 45/15, depending on fitness level . The lower the level of preparedness, the more rest and the shorter the work phase. That is, 30/30 (30 seconds of active work and 30 seconds of rest) is the easiest option.
  • After completing the circle, rest for a minute and start all over again. The optimal number of 3-5 sets.
  • Do this program 2-4 times a week.

1- Leg change in the jump

Stand up straight with your arms outstretched along your body. Bend knees, step right foot forward. Jump up, palms together above your head. Change foot position in a jump and land with your left foot in front of you. Bend your knees to a right angle, dropping into a split squat, actively working your legs, hips and abs. Then jump up again and change leg position. This is one repetition, perform a maximum of these in 40 seconds.

2- Jump body rotation

Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart, palms together in front of your chest. Bend your knees, dropping into a small squat. Work your legs, buttocks and abs vigorously. Then jump up, turn your body 180˚ in a jump. Land on slightly bent legs. Then jump up again and turn around 180˚. This is one repetition, do a maximum of these in 40 seconds.

3- Steps with your hands

Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your body forward, palms down on the floor. “Walk” your hands forward to the end of the mat and stand in a plank. Work your glutes, hips, legs and abs. Then move your pelvis backward and “walk” with your palms back to your feet. Transfer all your body weight to your feet. Straighten up. Do one repetition, for a maximum of 40 seconds.

4- Rock climber in dynamics

Stand in a plank with your palms under your shoulders. Spread your feet hip-width apart, resting on your toes and palms. Reach forward with your crown, working your abs, buttocks and back. Do not bend at your lower back. Then bend your left knee and pull it closer to your belly. Return to the starting position and bend your right knee, pulling it closer to your stomach. This is one repetition, perform a maximum of these in 40 seconds.

5- Rotation of body in the fold

Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Lean your body back slightly, activating your abs. Put your palms together in front of your chest. Don’t slouch, lift your legs above the floor, knees slightly bent. Twist your body to the left while pulling your left knee closer to your chest. Then twist your body to the right while pointing your right knee closer to your chest. Do not slouch. This is one repetition, complete a maximum of these in 40 seconds.

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