20 awesome tricks to use Coca-Cola


Have you ever had a refreshing Coke on a hot summer’s day? Without a doubt, one of the best known and most consumed brands and drinks in the world. But do you know their uses can go well beyond just a soft drink?

20 Surprising ways to use Coca-Cola

1- Plant fertilizer

20 awesome tricks to use Coca-Cola

2- Rust removal

Coca-Cola is wonderful for rust removal, including cleaning rusted metals, loosening bolts and cleaning car battery terminals.

3- Calming a jellyfish sting

Pouring Coca-Cola over a jellyfish sting relieves the shooting pain it causes.

4- Stain remover

If you don’t want to buy stain remover, add some Coke in the washing machine together with detergent and the stains will be removed from your clothes.

5- Clearing old coins

20 awesome tricks to use Coca-Cola

Well, if you collect coins, then you’ re gonna love this tip. Dip them in a cup of Coca-Cola and leave them there for a while. When you take them out, they will be as good as new.

6- Toilet cleaning

If you pour some Coke around the rim and let it sit for an hour, the acids in this drink will break down the stains.

7- Window cleaning

Because it contains citric acids, is a great choice when it comes to leaving your crystals nickel-plated.

8- Roast meat

When you use it to cook meat, the sweetened liquid will be reduced, giving it a nice glaze; while the acids and other chemicals will help it to soften.

9- Making barbecue sauce

Did you know that if you add some ketchup, onion, pepper and other ingredients to the barbecue sauce, it is much tastier?

10- Eyeglass cleaning

20 awesome tricks to use Coca-Cola

Remove the dirt from your glasses by using a cloth soaked in Coke. Rinse them immediately afterwards to remove any stickiness.

11- Odor elimination

The carbonic and phosphoric acid in Coca-Cola works wonderfully to eliminate odors, especially from fish, and even from skunks.

12- Digestive problems

As prescribed by some doctors, Coca-Cola can be excellent for digestive upset, nausea and diarrhea.

13- Killing the mice

If you have a mice in your house and you want to finish with it, put a bowl with this drink and wait for them to drink it. They love it, but when they can’t expel the gas, they die.

14- Tile cleaning

Using some Coca-Cola can help clear up any stains that are created between the tiles in the bathroom, as well as remove others from the ceramic surface.

15- Skin hydration

20 awesome tricks to use Coca-Cola

Using Coca-Cola on the skin can be good. The substances it contains can make it moist and silky.

16- Defrosting a wiper

If you pour a generous amount of Coca-Cola into the ice covering the windscreen wiper and wait a little, you will see that as the substance permeates, the ice dissolves.

17- Pool cleaning

If you want to keep your pool from rusting and glowing in a matter of minutes, pour two liters of Coke into it and let it sit for a while. Then rinse it off.

18- Removing the rubber from your hair

The bubbles help separate the strands from the hair, allowing you to remove the rubber band with minimal effort.

19- Cure the hiccups

Cool down some Coca-Cola, take a big gulp and gargle, you’ll get rid of this uncomfortable condition.

20- Hair curling

20 awesome tricks to use Coca-Cola

Incredible as it sounds, it has the ability to curl hair. Pour a moderate amount on your hair, let it sit for a few minutes and make sure you rinse it well. You’ll have a shiny, curly hair.

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