2 minutes that will change your life

You can read a lot of books and articles that promise to teach you how to be happy. But it takes a lot of time to read them all. So this article will take a couple of minutes, but the effect will be amazing.


2 minutes that will change your life

I am not happy. Change something in your life. If not, change yourself.

How do you want me to change it? Anything. Choose one thing and then take action.

My head is spinning. Take a deep breath. Try to change something you can control first.

Would I be happier if I had more money? Yes, but only to a certain extent.

There is nothing more important than money. We spend time with those we care about. It is the time we spend on the things that are important to us. Remember, you can never make up for lost time.


I don’t have time for anything. Then your priorities are not set correctly.

But there is so much to do. Do less. You should say “no” more often.

But I am obliged to do… If you don’t want to answer “Oh yes!” to some suggestion immediately, say “No.”

But X might be offended if I said no. That is not your concern. It’s better to say no than to go somewhere against your will.

This is not the right time. The right time will never be. If you always wait for it, you’ll never get anything done. And then you’ll blame yourself for not starting sooner.


How to make a good first impression? Making eye contact. Smile. Speak slowly. Be confident. Dress neatly.

Should I ask him/her out on a date? Yes.

But what if I get rejected? You won’t lose anything, but you won’t regret not trying.

What should I say? “Hi, you’re very handsome/beautiful (interesting/interesting). My name is … , can I buy you a cup of coffee?”

We have a difficult relationship. Break up.

But what if I never meet anyone better? So what if you meet someone much, much better? What if you get hit by a bus tomorrow?

I was abandoned, and my heart is broken. But it’s still beating. So all is not lost.

What now?

It’s all so complicated. We know! If it was easy, everyone would have been happy a long time ago.

But I can’t… Stop limiting yourself to such thoughts. You “can’t” do something only until you do it.

None of this is going to help me. All right! Go on living your life the way you are living it now.

But I’m not happy with my current life. If you always do the same thing, naturally the result will remain the same. We either grow and change, or we die.

When should I start? Right now.