18 Image Comparisons That Show The Difference Between an Edited Photo And Reality

We only post the pictures of ourselves that we love the most on our social media accounts, and celebrities are no exception. They want to show us their most beautiful photos and sometimes their fans can’t recognize them.

It’s true! While some celebrities have embraced their beauty in public, other superstars aren’t ready to get rid of filters and tech apps. It doesn’t mean that these celebrities aren’t beautiful enough to show off their natural beauty, they just want to be perfect in the public eye.

Today, we decide to compare photos of celebrities found on social media accounts with those taken by professional photographers at big events. There’s no doubt that all of the women below still look stunning and don’t need any editing.

#1 Salma Hayek

#2 Jennifer Lopez

#3 Kylie Jenner

#4 Selena Gomez

#5 Nina Dobrev

#6 Christina Aguilera

#7 Lily James

#8 Chloƫ Grace Moretz

#9 Megan Fox

#10 Alyssa Milano

#11 Rebel Wilson

#12 Lily Collins

#13 Elisabeth Moss

#14 Jessica Biel

#15 Emilia Clarke

#16 Bryce Dallas Howard

#17 Jennifer Coolidge

#18 Sarah Michelle Gellar

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