17 Kitchen hacks you’ll want to know before

When the oil boils and splashes, you spill milk, burned food cannot be removed from a pan, not to mention tears from cutting onions.

Kitchen hacks

Understanding your kitchen as well as cooking better is about finding the right tricks to save time, keep food longer and get maximum benefit for the tools you have. Below you will find some smart tricks which will help you in your kitchen.

These fast, smart kitchen hacks will help change the way you cook better.

1. Simply remove the seeds from the vegetables

kitchen hacks

Use a special ice cream scoop to easily remove pumpkin seeds and squash.

2. Use onion rings to fry eggs

kitchen hacks

For a perfectly round fried egg or tortilla, dip into an onion ring. Onion will give great flavor as well.

3. Remove excess fat from a prepared dish easily

kitchen hacks

Simply wrap ice cubes into napkins and place them around the surface of a dish. You will find the ice attracts fat like a magnet, and will freeze into the napkin.

4. Using cutting board hole

kitchen hacks

If you place cut vegetables in a salad bowl, frying pan or pot, drag them through the hole created by the cutting board handle. This way, the vegetables won’t fly all over the place.

5. Peel citrus fruits easily

kitchen hacks

Put the fruit in the microwave for 20 seconds ( orange, lemon or tangerine ), so you can do it faster.

6. Simply peel boiled eggs

kitchen hacks

Before shelling, dip the egg in cold water and let it cool down.

7. Wash apples in hot water before cleaning

kitchen hacks

Dip apples into hot water to wash and clean them. These will remove the wax layer on the apple.

8. Easily handled plastic wrap

kitchen hacks

Store it in the refrigerator, as plastic wrap is much easier to handle because it sticks less to the hands.

9. Avoid crying when chopping onions

kitchen hacks

Always leave the onion in freezer for 30 minutes before cutting it. Do not use it to prepare the salad.

10. Reusing toothpick containers

kitchen hacks

Perfectly shaped plastic toothpick containers are reusable as salt, pepper or spice shakers

11. Make pasta without any unexpected boiling

kitchen hacks

Use a wooden spoon on the top of a pot. Because the wood will not allow any foam to rise during cooking.

12. Microwave method for more juice

kitchen hacks

For maximum juice from the citrus fruits, you should first cool them and then warm in the microwave about 15–20 seconds. Next, squeeze the fruits and you will see all the juice come out.

13. keep tomato inside

kitchen hacks

To keep tomato slices from slipping out of your sandwich while eating, wrap them in whatever cold cuts you are using in your sandwich.

14. Egg poaching perfectly

kitchen hacks

Break eggs into a frying pan, then add some water and take the frying pan to fire. You will have perfect poached eggs as a result.

15. Avoid fish catching

kitchen hacks

To avoid fish drying out and sticking on the grill, put it on a “bed” of lemon slices. The lemon peel will also improve the flavor.

16. Crispy soaked chips

kitchen hacks

When your chips are soaking wet, simply place them on a paper towel and heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds.

17. Removes bad smell on your hands after cooking

kitchen hacks

Remove any excessive onion or garlic smell by rubbing your hands with lemon and baking soda and washing with water.