17 amazing worldwide places that you have to see at least in photos

Recent months have been complicated for travel, restrictions and safety and hygiene standards of each country stop many travelers or tourists to travel to different destinations, however, today technology is able to bring us closer and closer to thousands of destinations and places, even if it is through a screen.

It is no longer necessary to get on a plane or any other means of transportation, photographs are a great tool to explore and get to know different places, at least until the borders return to normal.

Naturally, photographs do not replace the experience, however, in the following images we wanted to give you a small exhibition of the most interesting places in the world that you should visit someday.

Bridge in the village Kromlau, Germany

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“Devil’s Tower” in the US


Monolith of volcanic origin 265 meters high.

Roman mosaic found on the coast of Turkey


Street in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain


The Namibian desert meets the ocean


temple in thailand

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Ancient Siam or Old City is a museum park built by Lek Viriyaphant and spread over 200 acres in the shape of Thailand.

900 year old church in Ireland

riddle of karma

Monument «Swords in stone», Norway

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The monument was erected in honor of the Battle of Hafrsfjord, after which Harald I became King of Norway, leading to the national unification of Norway. Three swords symbolize the three regions of the country: North, Southeast and Southwest. The Vikings had a custom: in times of peace, they stuck swords into the ground.

Crack in the ground in Utah National Park, USA


The people of Haid al-Jazil, standing on a huge rock


The entrance of this store is shaped like a piece of furniture


City of High Point, United States.

A flooded mine in Slovakia that is used for diving


A 160-meter-tall building in New York that has no windows


Verrückt is the highest water slide in the world. Located in the US


Salt mountains in Iran


Part of the Madain Salih complex in the desert of Saudi Arabia


Dragon temple in Thailand