16 make-up transformations that turned women into real models

Makeup is a new way to create true works of art and transform people. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for both natural beauty and loaded makeup, but we have to admit that foundation and concealer work wonders when it comes to modifying a face.

Makeup artist Stefan Subotić from Serbia is clearly one of those who love dramatic eyeliner and long lashes. However, words don’t convey Stefan’s work like photographs do. See his wonderful works for yourself.

1-. Bright colors to highlight the look.

2-. Look how she lifted her eye with lashes and eyeliner. 

3-. A true Hollywood diva. 

4-. A total transformation. 

5-. A big change from before and after. 

6-. He rejuvenated 5 years.

7-. He increased the volume of his lips without requiring surgery. 

8-. She said goodbye to the tired look on her face.

9-. Do not be afraid to use bright colors, those are the best. 

10-. Movie-worthy transformations. 

11-. She said goodbye to acne marks.

12-. A whole new face.

13-. She is not afraid of success.

14-. Also neutral tones make you shine. 

15-. He chose to highlight the best features of him. 

16-. Eliminating 10 years.