14 Curious things that maybe you didn’t know what they’re really for

14 Curious things that maybe you didn't know what they're really for

A list of things that are most often ignored and that we see every day but don’t know the reason why. You have probably never asked yourself why they are there or what any part of them that goes unnoticed is for.

Next, we show you 14 objects with some functions you never imagined would be there to help you anyway.

1. What do you think The hole between the camera and the flash on the iPhone?

This is the microphone you will use when using the main camera to make videos.

2. The small pocket of jeans?

The purpose of that pocket should be more than obvious to any cowboy in the Wild West. While this is where pocket watches were kept when jeans were invented, the design has remained almost entirely up to date over the years.

3. All right, but what about the rivets?

So when Levi Strauss made the first pair of jeans, the seams often popped out and frayed because the workers and miners worked so hard at them. Rivets were included in the design to reinforce the pants in more problematic places

4. Are you seeing the little hole in every tape measure?

Although it has always gone unnoticed to our eyes, all measuring tapes have a hole so that they can be hooked onto nails or screws so that we can measure more easily.

5. Bucket holes are more useful than you think.

No doubt the main reason these cookware items have holes in the handle is so they can be hung up and stored in an organized manner, however, the next time you need to rest the spoon you’re cooking with, then you”ll know what to do.

6. What is the function of this arrow next to the gas pump?

So maybe you’ve never stopped to think before, this arrow is there for a reason. Because of this arrow we are able to know on which side of the car the gas tank opening is located in case we need to refuel, something quite useful if you drive a rental car or you are not too familiar with the car.

7. The hole in the bottom of a lock

That hole is there for several reasons. Firstly, it allows water to escape from the inside of the lock if the lock is outdoors. Secondly, it can also be used to oil the inside of the lock.

8. And what are the highlights on the “F” and “J” keys for?

When we practice typing with our 10 fingers, the “F” and “J” keys are the reference keys where our index fingers rest. These small protrusions make us know by touch if our fingers are well placed on the keyboard without having to look away from the screen.

9. Do you think the holes in Converse all stars shoes are good for?

The reason is to improve ventilation, however, most people do not know that they can be used to give a better fit to a shoe.

10. What about the hole on the pasta ladles?

Although the main purpose of the hole in these spoons is to let the water pass through the pasta that we cook so that it can drain easily, there are many spoons with a hole the size of the spaghetti portion per person.

11. Do you know how to use a cutter correctly?

Take a close look at the blade. If you look, you will see some very small lines through which you can split the blade to keep it always sharp. In order to sharpen the blade, use the cap at the opposite end, which should have a slit where you can insert the blade segment you want to remove. With a simple flick of the wrist you should be able to make the cutter blade look like new.

12. Does the membrane on the caps of some plastic bottles have a function?

This membrane is necessary to keep all the liquids and gases inside the bottle. Without it, all our carbonated soft drinks would lose their bubbles in the blink as soon.

13. Why is the small color block near the sealed end of a tube?

You may have seen these marks, called eye marks. In the production line, the machine, with the help of optical sensors, knows where to press, fold or cut a package.

14. Do you think this hole is useful?

These curious holes designed to reduce the risk of suffocation in case we swallow the cap by mistake. If a kid swallows the cap while playing with the pen, the hole prevents the airway from closing completely.

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