12 situations that hurt mother nature

Nature is the most incredible thing that this planet has, and unfortunately many times we don’t know how to appreciate it or take care of it as we should.

There are times when as humans we hurt nature without realizing it, and when we finally notice it, we have no choice but to regret that things are like this.

This is what happened in these 12 situations:

1. My family had to cut down this tree in my garden. This little guy is in charge of reminding me, daily, of the evil we did.

02. Heartbreaking image of an orangutan trying to rescue its habitat.

03. This Amazon Parrot trying to rest in a fake habitat.

04. This little guy huddles in the streets after a frost.

05. Oil residues are affecting otters.

06. Polar bears have no choice for food but rummaging through garbage.

07. Birds are also being affected by oil.

08. So close and so far.

09. This polar bear has already given up.

10. A koala sitting in the remnants of the Australian bush.

11. This baby kangaroo devastated to see his habitat like this.

12. This is how the habitats of many animals end up, full of garbage.

These situations which animals have to live through because of human actions are regrettable. Share this article with your family and friends to raise awareness.