12 easy yoga poses for two people

Tips and tricks for doing yoga poses for two people.

yoga poses for two people

Are you thinking of doing the activity with your child or partner? Then we bring you twelve easy yoga poses for two people to start with, as well as the benefits for your relationship and health. However, yoga means patience and endurance, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t feel good at first.

So let’s try some yoga poses when it takes two to tango!

The 10 easy yoga poses for two people

1. Standing stretch

yoga poses for two people

It will help you feel more communicated and attuned with each other.

To do this pose, you should sit down on the ground and place yourself with your legs crossed in the lotus posture, back to back. Next, to achieve a perfect yoga pose, you need to interlace your arms together and spend 5 minutes relaxing, breathing and meditating in pairs.

2. Relaxation pose

yoga poses for two people

To do this pose, on the ground, sit with your legs crossed in the Lotus posture, back to back. Then, to get the perfect yoga pose, you have to interlace your arms and spend 5 minutes relaxing, breathing and meditating in pairs. This will help you feel more connected and in tune with the other person.

3. Forward bend

yoga poses for two people

To do this, you must stand up, facing each other, and spread your legs. They should join the palms of their hands and move away from each other until the torso is bent forward and the heads touch each other. The hands should remain behind each other. This Yoga pose is ideal in pairs to stretch the back, arms and leg muscles.


4. Angle pose

To do this pose, sit down facing your partner and look at each other face to face. Spread your legs as wide as possible, keeping your knees bent. Standing in a position where your feet are touching each other: right foot touching your partner’s left foot and left foot touching your right foot, one in front of the other. This will help your partner’s legs to force flexibility, which means grabbing their buttocks to help improve elasticity. Take your time to do this, since it will not be easy for you in the beginning.

5. Torsion in couples

yoga poses for two people

To do this pose, again sitting back to back and with your legs in Lotus posture, you should turn a little your torso toward the right side, and place your right hand on the left knee of your companion and your left hand on the right thigh. It will help you to force a little the posture toward that side. Hold this posture for 4 to 8 breaths, then repeat it toward other side.

6. Double Tree

yoga poses for two people

Tree pose has become one of the best known in yoga as well as one of the simplest, which can be done with a partner. To do this, you must stand next to each other. Looking forward, you should join the palms of your hands that remain on the outer side, and raise the inner arms, joining also the palms. Next, you should bend the outer knee until the sole of the foot is placed on the inner part of the opposite thigh. Keep your balance and rhythm of breath for some seconds. For this posture, you can improve your balance and strengthen your legs.

7. Standing incline

yoga poses for two people

To do this posture, you should stand up, back to back, and spread your legs a little more on your hips. You should bend your back as if to touch your feet with your hands, but instead of touching them, put your hands between your legs to take those of your companion that will be in the same position. When you start this exercise, your buttocks shall be a little apart, always keeping your heels close to those of your partner. By doing this, you will be able to do some strength to increase flexibility, relax and decrease your heart rate.

8. Feet leaning, sitting

yoga poses for two people

It is ideal to reduce the deviation of the spine and bad postures. It also stimulates the endocrine and circulatory systems and reduces stress and improves digestion.

You will sit with your legs stretched out and lean to your feet with your arms at a 90º angle, while the other will stand on his back with his legs bent, raise his buttocks a little and lean back, stretching his back over the other, until you touch his toes with your hands.

9. Double Boat

yoga poses for two people

In this pose, you work on your abs, and help to lengthen the spine and strengthen the legs (since you stretch the tendons and muscles), improve digestion, and relieve back pain.

To do this, you should sit face to face with enough distance to be able to sustain yourself by your wrists with your arms stretched. With your back straight and your hands intertwined, you must rest your feet on the other and, keeping your balance, stretch one leg and then the other. Keep your abdominal strong and look up, until you keep five breaths.

10. Square

yoga poses for two people

The idea is to make a square with both bodies. One of the two should sit with legs and back stretched and arms raised, forming a 90º angle. Then, another person will put his/her hands on the partner’s ankles and stretch out the arms. Ankles will be held by the partner’s arms. They will form the sides of a square thanks to the back and legs. This posture will help to have balance, coordination and, at the same time, to strengthen the abdomen, back and arms, favoring blood circulation.

11. Dog and bow pose

yoga poses for two people

It is composed by one of the best known figures in yoga: a dog. In this position, a partner will stand up and bend his hips to form an acute angle (almost straight) with legs and arms stretched out. Then, another person should form an arc lying on his back on the curve of his partner’s hip. Their hands will touch their ankles, the curve of their back will adjust to the lower back of their body and legs will fall to the sides of their shoulders. In this pose, you can stretch your pectorals and relieve your belly and lower back pain, besides gaining flexibility.

12. Chair pose

yoga poses for two people

The chair pose, a very simple and popular yoga posture, do you know it? Well, strength posture of the chair is the couples’ version. Because of this pose, you’ll strengthen your legs, buttocks and abdomen, and harden your muscles, as well as your arms and back. The spine is stretched and the mobility of your shoulders improved.

For this purpose, stand in front of each other with your toes rubbing each other. Hold your forearms tightly and bend your legs as if you were going to sit. It should form a right angle between the legs and the buttocks and another one between the buttocks and the back.

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