11 plants that bring positive energy and good fortune into your home

Certain plants have the ability to provide positive energy and give a sense of well-being to the people who live with them by eliminating the negative energy which you bring in from the street.

A necessary condition required of these plants to bring positive energy is to keep it alive for the good properties of these plants that can be benefited at home.

Below you will find a list of 11 plants that bring positive energy, according to some experts, will fill your entire house with life and good fortune.

1. Peonies

plants that bring positive energy

In addition to giving a special touch of decoration, these flowers are a symbol of health and good luck for love, therefore, they are used to attract romance into our lives. Ideally, you should place them inside your home to impregnate your authentic energy around the whole house and infect the people who live there with positivity.

2. Lilies

plants that bring positive energy

It gives positive energy in your home, and attract well-being and fortune, as well as being ideal for filling environments with harmony, peace and love.

3. Sunflowers

plants that bring positive energy

Sunflowers provide harmony, color, peace, light and good fortune inside your home, as well as are good to have at the entrance of your house, because they chase away bad energy and attract good energy.

4. Eucalyptus

plants that bring positive energy

It is recommended to have this plant in your home or office, since it attracts a prosperity, in addition to being ideal to sleep and free your spaces from negative energy.

5. Lavender

plants that bring positive energy

This plant serves to fight stress, promote purity in your home and stimulate relaxation, thanks to their aroma. Furthermore, this herb is famous for its ability to reduce chronic nervousness, combat anxiety and fears. So, it is ideal to place it inside a bedroom or in areas used for meditation, and serenity will reign in your home!

6. Orchid

plants that bring positive energy

Its pleasant fragrance boosts energy in your home and improves your mood. Keep it in the bedroom, since it cleans air and helps you fall asleep thanks from the high amounts of oxygen released at night.

7. Chrysanthemum

plants that bring positive energy

It is a good transmitter of Chi or positive energy, it is also known for beauty and brings a feeling of wellness at home.

8. Cactus

plants that bring positive energy

According to the theories of Feng Shui, this plant has the power to absorb bad energies. It should be placed outside the house or near the front door, preferably in smoke-free areas. Be careful, however, never place them in the following places: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining area.

9. Rosemary

plants that bring positive energy

It is used for physiotherapy, bringing physical and mental health benefits. Also, the leaves can be used to prepare infusions to help you have a good mood and sleep better. It is necessary to keep the plant in a place with sunlight and avoid to water it excessively.

10. Jasmine

plants that bring positive energy

According to Ayurvedic medicine, jasmine is a plant representing compassion and love, and has been used in health to help build immunity and reduce fevers. The aroma of jasmine is sweet and is best known as one of the most aphrodisiacal.

11. Bamboo

plants that bring positive energy

This plant represents peace, good fortune and luck. It is recognized for increasing wealth, promoting well-being and health, improving mental flexibility and growth on a spiritual level. Best of all, it does not require extreme care, it can survive planted in the ground or inside vases with stones and water.