10 Things that can happen if you use a single piece of onion

10 Things that can happen if you use a single piece of onion

When it comes to solving your health problems, natural remedies are the best. There are no synthetic medications from big laboratories and pharmaceuticals that you hardly need to pronounce the name of. But you do need Mother Nature, and she’s got it all worked out for you.

Well, onions are truly wonderful vegetables and you probably never remember them except when you’re preparing those delicious dinners and they make you cry….

However, you can see from the list we have prepared for you, onions can do wonders for your health. Don’t miss the following list of health tricks with onions and you will get better so fast you won’t even notice!

1- Say goodbye to fever

If you have children, this is fantastic! It is a homemade remedy that our grandmothers have always used, and that is that if you put a slice of onion on the sole of the foot you will help reduce the fever. Also, when they are in bed with their new “organic” sock, put a damp cloth with apple cider vinegar on their forehead and the fever will be gone in no time.

2- Forget about coughs thanks to onion oil

That’s right, onion oil is an excellent expectorant and will help you forget about that damn cough. Of course, your breath probably won’t be the best.

3- Clean your eyes

Everyone knows about onions’ ability to make us cry. As you cut them, more and more tears will come out of your eyes non-stop. So why not use them to wash our eyes?

If you ever get a foreign body inside your eye, like a small insect, eyelash or dust particle, instead of touching it with your fingers or blowing it out, you can cut an onion and thanks to your tears that particle will come out by itself.

4- It helps to hide scars

Also, this wonderful bulb is great for helping even the deepest wounds heal properly. Surgical scars can heal with the help of onions, which also reduce scarring and prevent them from darkening.

5- Insect bites

If you get bitten by an insect apply a slice of white onion to the area and thanks to this it will reduce the swelling, absorb the venom and help the wound heal.

6- Did you catch a cold? Not for long!

Onions have a peculiar smell and usually make you cry, but they have another wonderful side. This vegetable can cure colds in the most natural way possible. Boil an onion in a tea, or eat a raw onion and see how you get better in a few hours without having to resort to drugs.

7- Helps heal small cuts

Well, If you have made a cut, don’t worry. Peel some onion skins as you see in the picture, clean the wound and seal it with the onion skin. It will quickly stop the bleeding and help speed up the healing of the wound.

8- Sunburn help

Sunburns can be really nasty, and often leave scars. Apply a slice of onion (cold from the fridge) immediately to the wound and leave it on for two minutes. The wound will begin to heal and the horrible stinging will disappear.

9- Acne and infection cream

Regardless of the problem, it seems that onions have the solution. If you have acne or skin infections you can prepare this onion cream that will help treat them thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties and its high content of glycolic acid:

Boil milk and pour it on a thick slice of white bread. Grate an onion over the bread and mix well to form a paste. Clean the infected area and apply the onion, milk and bread paste.
Let it act for about 2-2.5 hours so that it can eliminate the infection. Finlay, wash with plenty of water.

10- Onions work miracles with otitis and ear pain

Maybe you are familiar with that horrible sensation when you have an earache that feels like your head is going to explode. And there is a very simple solution that consists of taking out the innermost part of the onion, known as the “heart” and put a piece of it in your ear.

Onions have an incredible anti-inflammatory action, so it will reduce that earache and also soften the wax so it will be easier to remove. Do this before you go to bed and you’ll feel a thousand times better in the morning.

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